Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I just wanna step out of love life and focus on my fav egg magazines :)
I'm currently feeling stress on finding a job, had been on going for interviews but none was success.
Sad right? Any jobs to intro? Haha...
 Another awesome makeup skills from egg beauty, not forgetting my fav egg model "Nemoyayo"
Most of them are from daiso, except for 2. Note casing & lips phone deco...
Been loving daiso's liquid eyeliner, went on and bought another 2 of different brands...(middle one was used by models from eggs & ageha)
And i decided to use crystal AB on the white casing...hope it will looks nice lah...
*cross fingers*
Well....My photos....lols
I've been so lazy to blog and might stop blogging and close it D:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Awesome Days

It's been quite sometimes since i updated my blog, and yes i keep saying that haha
Lately, i have been having awesome times gathering with my friends, family & hubby...what could be even better? I get to know what real friends are and for some friends that i kept on hanging on no matter how they treat me, even like shit...i'm proud to say, im leaving you.
My life are fine without you and you cant bring down my life!
I learned alot of things from my hubby, and now im a happy person :)
Sorry for my photo spam in my blog again hohoh...
Awesome t-shirt i bought from bugis.st, guess what? it cost only $5 :3
Lastly, the gif i make for my hubby <3 p="p">
Bye Guys, Love ya & Take Care

Monday, August 13, 2012

Girl's Talk

This is what i think, and am totally not cool bout it.

No matter how close you are with your friends, there's always a limit with your friend's boyfriend. Don't get things OVER THE LINE.

This happens to a friend of mine, Your friend could happened to be best friend with you and your boyfriend, so what? But is it alright if your female girlfriend called your boyfriend "husband" and your bf calling your best friend "wife" ? Cool??

Just in case you don't get the ans, (refering you as dump)


Well, i have a friend, who i always stick with...besides her "bad habit"...she's actually a nice person. . Maybe she's those types of girl who flirt without knowing it.

I don't wanna list out everything bout her here, let's just talk bout the recent stuff...

Sharing yogurt is no big deal right? I mean friends are okay...but what if?

Your female friend asking your boyfriend to taste her yogurt to try out infront of you? Okay...maybe you don't see the point here, it means indirect kiss, your boyfriend is eating YOUR FRIENDS SALIVA...I'm totally not cool...

and my stupid bf actually went tasting it.

I'm still on fire regarding this matter...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jim Beam x Dress up of the day

I'm finally blogging again...

This is how i dress up for work yesterday...
Grey long dress x Laces necklace

Zoom on the necklaces
Nice right? Hohoho~~~

And am loving my new lens~ Its a gift from my boyfriend's sister :D

and~~~~~~ Guess what?
Get what i'm trying to hint in this picture?

Yeah~ My boyfriend gave me this watch from Jim Beam, Ive changed the strap into white
Nice hor hor hor?

Well...i know its a boring and super short post, but haha trying to make my blog look more lively..hohoho

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tsk Tsk....what i want for my birthday :D

I don't want anyone to waste their money on getting stuff that i will not be using...

Instead, try to get things that i needed the most bah...HAHAHA

Which are....


White Beats Headphone...red is acceptable as well XD

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Job & Live

Hi People,

Yes as you know, i'm currently working in a oil company at raffles place as a receptionist.
Well...i'm still am now, blogging in office...sounds bad right? It has been a month since im here...the moment i start working, its been really busy, Moving to a new office...LOT BIGGER and new DM.

It's not like i did not do my job, this week has been erm...a god damn free week. Besides calling and calling...(endless phone calls made) for hotlines / customer care line that can seriously drive someone like me nuts. Seriously, they should change to local, instead of saving money...hiring the low cost, it will be best if they could hire someone who can communicate in good english, who will never give attitude to customers who asked a few more questions.

I am not shooting anyone here, being frank...cause it's already over my limits.


Well, life with my boyfriend has been good, we did argued for quite a few times, i cried most of the time...(im a total cry baby now...never cried in a relationship before so you can understand how important he is to me). We have been together for 3 months now, still on going...

Thou many things happened, but im not letting it go.

More information on us, we're both born in the month of july. He's on the 6, and im on 29.

Age is *cough cough* counting erm...
For this year, he will be 20 and i will be 27.

So roughly you'll know what happen lah...

This year's birthday, im really looking forward to...not expecting birthday presents, but was craving for happy things to happen.

Bout 2 months more......... *eggcited*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review : Clip On Hair Extensions

I'll be checking on the brand name for this extension cause i've lost the label of it.  If you are one of my fb friend, you will know that i am selling them away since both colours does not matches my bleached hair at that time.
Since it's been there in my big box for quite sometimes, i decided to make use of it.
First the extensions i bought are with curls...

I went ahead using my straightener to straighten them.

After i clip them on, (i know my current hair colour is so weird and ugly..black roots, fade off dark brown and pinkish brown at the ends)

Covering my black roots...muahahahaha!!!

So how you think of it? I'm going black and short as well...Look forward to it

I did't photoshop much in this picture...just adjusted the brightness of it...My face look so slim in this picture...OMG

- Miki -