Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taobao Arrived

Hi readers~

Its been a month, it's finally arrived.

My stuff from taobao~~ Yeah~~

Nothing much, it's just some normal day time dress..

I should gets more mini dresses for my job.

Alright, first item will be by....


Love this top so much, so colourful, cheerful , brightens up my days.

Beberose Long dress..

Material quality are acceptable, still pretty, looks authentic.

Links : ??

Beberose lavender dress

Pretty, lovely lavenderish purple.

Material quality are the same as the above long dress cause they are from the same brand called vivi party if you are wondering.

Link : ?

Zoom on the detail of the dress

Korean skirt...

Lost my love for it....cause i waited for too long..haha

Brand is chu vivi, if you are interested.

Knitted hat wore by tsubasa..this is not authenti but the quality is GOOD!

I'm still adjusting my feelings..will keeps myself busy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First day of work...

Where am i working at?

A pub in boat quay, with awesome nice people~

Nice place, nice customers & nice girls working there.

Played too hard yesterday, trying to forgets everything.

It heart still cracks..(whatever)

Funny thing was, boss wants to check my ic... O.o;;

Cause he wouldn't believe that i'm 26 this year..

Boss : I need check your look like 16-17

Me : Weeee~~ @^.^@ okay~ Check Check~

Boss : ..........

Me : ??

Boss : Who's ic did you take?

Me : -_-;; That's me..(without makeup), photos were taken 10 years ago..

Boss : LOL-ed

That' all for now~