Friday, September 23, 2011

Jaejoong x JYJ

Not much to say....

Jaejoong :D~~~~~~~~~

He is simply too hot and sexy..HAHAHA

Did't even know bout JYJ until few days ago, a fan of them told me bout it.

Currently i'm repeating their mv Get Out...

Shall stop blogging and continue watching thier mv :)
Night people~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Are you hungry??

Well well welll...

Are you guys hungry?? No..?? hoho!!

You have been warn!

Head out for some korean food at Orchard Central :D~~~~

Dead hungry, has been super excited for some traditional korean food~

Where we went to? It's................(below)

Looks nice right? heehee don't get hungry yet!

Black sesame porridge, not a fan of black sesame :(

Look!! Does this make you hungry? There is 2 kinds of meat to choose from! Chicken or Beef~

It taste sweet, i love sweet stuff..this taste really good, besides that..the beef is soft and tender :)

You will not regret trying this~

Vegetable Soup, Taste a little like miso soup haha...

Side dish! My love will always be kimchi raddish~~~

Right after that, we walk to takashimaya for some coffee...


In the end we.......went to.....

TWG Tea :)

Wonder what my sis ordered...

Alien UFO tea pot...lols

It's so cute and interesting! Okay la...i outdated can...

Guess what i ordered? It's called Silver Moon..

The taste? strawberry tea~

Wonder why i took photo of this? no? It's because i kinda like the spoon..haha

I ish lame

Camwhore with sis...haha

Was playing around with fake moles. Wonder how will i look like with Lena Fujii's mole lol

No no.......i don't suit it :(

Alright! I'm ending this post with this photo.

Nights people!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Teddy's 1ST Birthday

It's teddy's 1st birthday yesterday :)

So happy for him...he's such a big boy now~

Sadly, teddy and i wasn't feeling well since thursday morning. Right after my macdonald breakfast, i had food poisoning since than utill friday night(teddy's birthday). what's making me feeling guilty was no cakes for him on his birthday :(

Everytime i bought Mac breakfast, i'll share eggs & plain hotcakes with him, but this morning...he's sick too~~ He poor son. Must be macdonald too!

Took my medicines few hours ago...

Who's back was this?



Happy 1 year old!!!

His funny sleeping face..hahaha

That's all.......


Friday, September 2, 2011

Puppy Eyes...??

I'm not a big fan of black/brown contact lens till i try them on recently.

Have been wearing Geo Princess Mimi brown lately, and decided to try something new...

YES. BLACK...I've tried them on once and it don't really suit me..until i changed the style of my eye makeup..



This pair of lens is so comfortable until i almost forgot to remove them off!! :)

If you're looking for big eyes effect lens that can make you look innocent (with puppy eyes), this will be a great pair of lens for you!

Kindly ignore my expressions, and well of course the flower on my head..heehee

I'm such a happy girl (auntie..WAHAHAHAHA) right now~ Acting young and innocent.

And my eyes looks so much bigger than before!!

Just in case you were wondering where i got the lens from, it's
and all lenses are bought paid by myself.

Well people...did i camwhole too much..?? Sorry bout that haha!!

Hope you'll like my reviews.