Saturday, August 20, 2011



LoLS!! I don't wanna squeeze everything together so yap yap^^

*All items are BRAND NEW

*Free postage ONLY FOR LOCAL (Singapore) Winners.

Rules :

* Blog Bout My giveaway~~

* Must be a follower

* Post in my comment below with your email & blog post link.

Just 3 easy steps!!

Closing date will be : End of September 2011

*Add me in facebook to get 1 extra chance to win!!

3 pairs of lashes from daiso

Eyemazing lashes 001 & 002

Moussy leopard Jacket

Clip-on fringe in brown

Lastly, Stargazer's shocking pink hair dye

Do take note, Winners will be contact thru email!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hey! why did the picture turns out this way again -____-??

Oh well..i've finally found what i wanted~~~

Lolane hair bleach powder and developer, and guess how much a set cost? Below SGD4

Fucking cheap isnt it?! Yume has been using it, and the result turns out pretty well on i'm giving it a try. Nah...i'm not bleaching my hair now, i'll do so maybe during late oct or early nov^^

I'll give my first tutorial a try, which is on tsubasa~~ That is why you see rabbit ears below..

A candy given free by a nice lady from 77th street @ far east plaza basement. Heehee~

It's just a short update, nothing much.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Boring Day...??

Hmm well...

I'm getting more and more lazy to blog recently...

Lots of stuff i said i will do and i did't..(get used to it thou)

Kinda busy lately...

Focus on sending out resumes, interviews and meeting with friends.

I more or less decided to try out on doing tutorials, Will be trying out Tsubasa's first and secondly sakurina. I hope it will turn out well..haha So people! Do look forward to it :)

Camwhore time!!

I love my little twin star's iphone4 case so much!! Was given by keita :3

Totally love it to max!

Alright! That's all people~