Saturday, May 28, 2011


Opps! I spend money again T^T

I really gonna control myself!!

Okay, first item i bought recently in 2 weeks, Rabito's iphone casing.

I guess everyone knows this bunny casing long ago~~ But i've just received it few days ago.

Super cute but.......kinda hard to use. Extra long ears...& bunny tail keeps falling off >.<

So i have to remove it.

Love this so much!

Im not a nail kind of person, but once it a while......oh well.

Kitson L.A Bag.........Love it love it love it!!

It blings!!!! Well its time for me to change to a new bag~

Cause watsin were having promo, 2nd item for $1, so me and keita share the amount into 2. So our necklaces cost only 10bucks each!

Bought this dress right after my interview~

They sells lots of nice dress... hostess & clubbing dress..but hmm it's quite expensive.

I've got too much stuff to worried about, so i could't really sleep/rest well...

And this!! it did not work on me.

I'm ending this post with me picture, Heehee...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guess what?


I'll be having my cosmetic interview at........................

I'm so freaking excited!! Hopes everything turns out well!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thai Market

Yes yes...i did force myself to eat more recently^^v

Too much stress and not enough rest = eating lesser

It still happens in every 2-3 days a week, but it became better.

I'll try to gain 1-2 more kgs only...not more then that.

Yesterday meet up with keita to thai market & enjoy the food there~

Love it to max but we drink too much of their thai ice milk tea which nearly turn us into merlions.

But oh well, took a picture of yesterday..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diamond Lash / Cosmagic / Eyemazing / Melliesh / Dress

Selling more lashes now~~~

Payment by bank transfer only (Local buyers)

*All lashes are brand new unless stated.

*All prices does not include postage

*For self collection, it will be either Bugis or Tampines (8pm ONLY)

Reason for selling? I bought too much of it O.o

Anyway anyone interested in this set of golds infinity? Needs to sell them off asap to anyone who can collect within next week. Brand New with tag @ SGD140

Eyemazing 001 (1 pair ONLY) - SGD5

Eyemazing 002 (1 pair only) - SGD5

Diamond Lash (Full Tray set of 5) - SGD25

Diamond Lash (Full Tray set of 5) - SGD25 (Bottom Lash)

Mellieh BB Base (Used Once) - SGD35

Cosmagic Strawberry Pink Blush (Tried Once) - SGD20

Pearl Doll Dress (wore once) - SGD15

That's all for now~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi people,

Me blogging again~

From now onwards, you'll be seeing me blogging more often.

More camwhore pictures, but lesser on me buying stuff online.

Kinda broke as you can see^^;;;

Was looking for hat like this, and by chance while i was going far east plaza for interview..

One of the shop was selling this...guess how much does this cost??


So i grab one right away~

This too~

why was it upside down?!

Lastly, the place i went interview at was this

Heehee let' see how it goes~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi people,

Lots of things happened lately..

Well...i cant say all out but i can share a little of my life here.

Recently i meet up with "Care Bear"
and i cried on our first meet up -_- so paiseh~~

(cause of my dad..bla bla bla)

And i'm very thankful for keita & fion as well.

I have been into lots of stress, for hmm 1 whole week or more.

So i started eating lesser & lesser, Sometimes one meal a day or none.

Sorry for my messy room

Kindly ignore it!

But well!! I'm back to normal~~

See!! Hahaha

I notice that there is a few more followers here, Thanks so much people!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Deamy Heels

Im selling this off, anyone keen?

But meet up only, at my area.

Brand new, still with sochii now.

Selling at $60

Size S (5.5-6) in white.

Since i decided to move out soon (best within 4 mths)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011



I'm sorry that i did not blog that much as compared to before.
Lots of problems were thrown to me lately...

One after another...
Some are personal family typical problems, some trying to adjust it.
I'll try to settle it before i started blogging again.

Well, don't forget to follow my blog as the giveaway only start when it reaches 100 followers.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reviews : Palty Natural Brown

Palty Natural brown hairdye.

I've only used one box for my whole hair.....

For blonde, it says leave on for 10-20 mins..but it works very well for 5 mins on me...

My old hair colour.........i hate flash. makes me look weird

Pictures taken few days ago, using my sis's camera cause mine went dead.

Dye my hair yesterday morning~ LOVE IT!
Got lots of compliments bout it^^

HAHAHA! Wonder why my hair is so long? It's my hair extensions~

Bought it in blonde and dye it with the same dye natural brown.

I will NEVER use their hair treatments...

NEVER......its the worse treatments i have used so far..

Hair colour, its pretty..

Really pretty~

But it kina drys my hair..

I will be trying out another colour 2 months later, Light ash blonde.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hi people...

Is there anyone reading my blog out there?

Nah...i know i said that i will not be blogging for a few days till my mood turns better..

But after i had my mind rested for half of the day, I decided that i will not be running away from it.

I decided to accept it, take it all in, and learn from everything even the old lessons i had.

I'm craving for some live band performance in there any?

Monday, May 2, 2011


I've lost my mood to blog..and i don't even know why.

Feeling sad all the sudden after waking up not long ago.

My life is so empty right now, nothing fun....

I wonder what should i do..cause it always ends that way

I'll blog once i'm feeling better...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Giveaway~ Not really....just some add up

I decided not to sell this jacket and place it in my giveaway when i hit 100 followers.

Adding a pair each as well from eyemazing

Will add in some more stuff

Might add this lipstick/concealer in as well..(winner choose your own colour)

All products will be brand new.

Well...let's see how it goes

For Sale : Melliesh BB Base

As you know...i just received this item last week like few days ago.

It's seriously too dark for my skin, well...unless i have blonde hair (cause i'm gonna dye my hair to chocolate brown) i don't mind using it. Too bad that i am changing my hair colour, so i have to sell it. If you're skin are close to that or would like to look more tan-nish, this product is good. Light coverage, non-drying/oily.

Tried twice on my hand, ones to explain why i am selling this.

Packaging is cute with yui is on the cover.

Back of it

The huge sponge is included, brand new un-touched.
Please don't mind the cesar lamb's JUST a box.

The colour

On my hand..

Able to tell where i apply it at right?

I'm selling this item at SGD35, kindly comment below if you are interested.