Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Teddy left me with no choice.........

Has been teaching him not to bite using LOTS of methods and instead of learning he became so frustrated that his temper got bad to worse. Since the normal way of teaching doesn't help him at all, the only way im trying now was to cane him. But i'm not animal abusing him.

I'm only using a letter with 3 pcs of paper inside, roll in and gently hit his butt. Well, right now he starts to understand what is right and wrong. If he doesn't learn now, when he starts getting older, it will be more difficult for him to learn. And might attack someone as well.

Chanel x Narnia

Yawnzz....It's 2.08am right now.....

Having super bad headache x fever today.......and right now it's still aching.......

Just online to check my emails/pms and ordered Narnia 3D ticket for sneaks preview tmr.

Yap, i'm watching it alone like i said before. What's the big deal of watching movies alone??

Am getting a chanel wallet soon.........super happy!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Yesterday i went straight down to Lancome's counter to get their Teint Miracle Liquid FOundation BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! there was no one in their counter! WTH! I waited for 20mins!!
I wonder where she went.........After tea? Smoke? lols!

30ml in glass bottle SGD65, Kinda small and pricy but this was even better than Ettusais's flat bottle liquid foundation. Natural with strong coverage without been cakey or thick looking. It glows and feels so clean and light! For this kinda effects...SGD65 was cheap to me.
FInally received teddy's vest...........hmm its still too big for teddy..........

Bought a new mouse cause teddy spoiled the pervious one.........heehee and this time!! Its WIRELESS!! Haha!! There's no more wire for you to bite anymore! *giggles*

Finally start getting stuff and changing everything......
Bought a new flat 26inch flat tv and blueray dvd player @ Sitec yesterday at Expo.

Ignore the stuff that were placed on top of the dvd player.........needs time to re-arrange everything!

Tmr im having a short interview! Gotta go now

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well..i'm kinda pissed off lately with lots of things going on.....big and small matters..

Not that i'm petty or think too much..

Please bear in mind that I'm a 2 headed snake bitch, petty, mind & expressions reader.

Great! Great! I got it! You don't have to say anything.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Candy Doll x Dolly Wink Received!!

Finally received!!
Order it last sat x monday but i only received it today T^T
Blame it on the rain!
First letter~!! A payment from London!
Kinda reminds me of those old days when i love to draw..

Dolly Wink No.6 and Candy Doll Lipstick in Soda Pink.
Will review it next week.

Ta-dah! I never expect the glue to be so big.....It big to me...

Close up on those lashes! Its not together, you'll have to put in more efforts and stick them well in place. But do take note, don't let the lashes stay "flat"! Please make it curl out.

At first, i tot the pink will be in baby pink but this pink was mixed with pink and a hint of beige. Easy to apply and stayed smooth on lips.

Back to games~

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Recently i log in to internet lesser and lesser because i'm currently busy with.........
Project Diva 2 PSP
2ND .
Harvest Moon Boy & Girl

Simply with just these two games, i can play it from morning till night. -_-
I'm still looking for Silent Hill Shattered Memories PSP....... T^T
Hmmm Yap, Spend money again.........
Because.........Dolly Wink released their new eyeshadows!!
And guess which colour did i purchased?


Pink x Gray

Orange x Turquorise

Turquorise x Pink

Ta-dah~ I bought the pink x gray palette......
Nowadays I'm more into grayish x blackish eyeshadows.
Back To Games...byes!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Something epic happened........
Teddy was was giving me his puppies big and watery eyes....
Awww so cute right? When i let down my guard.......he tries to bite my nose
But at the same time...i'm trying to kiss his forehead...
so we hit on each others nose..........
He was kinda pissed and stare at me for 5 mins without moving his eyes away......
What the hell?? Was it my fault?
Teddy has the habit of sleeping together with me.......
sometimes i will forget that he is sleeping ON me......
so ytd i turn...........
my blanket falls...........teddy fall as well............
and he whine..........lucky i got the habit of warpping him up with his blankets....
Nobody is hurt.........just shock..
Seriously....it was an accident!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Was giving my wiggy a try~~
I wonder why but it makes me looked older.........more mature?

Great! I feels like ordering MacDonald's breakfast tmr...........
And just thinking about it already makes me feels SO HUNGRY!

Dolly Wink x Candy Doll x Candy Magic

Dolly Wink No.6

Candy Doll Soda Pink

Shit.......i spend money again...

Maybe i should just break my card into 2.............

Was giving the lipstick a try since tsubasa worked so hard for it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Hair x Shiki x Hot topic

My new loved anime called Shiki. What was it about? Vampire trying to turn a small village into their own town. lols love it!
At first i dislike this character below cause she was acting bimbo-tic but after she turns into a vamp, i start to love her. Her style, image and clothings.

My new hair colour, it wasn't what i've expected. I wanted a orange brown like tsubasa.m. Instead of that......it turns into this. Well i don't have this colour either. I was there at 3.30pm and everything ends at 8pm. bout 4.5hours there. Bleach twice, dye, treatment then cut.

Was done by Apple from Chapter2. The price was totally a killer!

Well...i dun care how my dad will say tmr...
Finally got my hot topic from yume~
This is the size of the blusher.............damn big lah!

Yawnz yawnz got to sleep now~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Teddy finally gets his first vaccine done!! What a relief!
Some funny stuff has been going on today when they feed teddy deworming medicine.
He try to puke medicine out in a cat way and his expression was so epic that a assitant used her iphone to video it down. HAHAHAHAHA
And yes i should have video it down too...
Vet : Okay, today we will inject first vaccine, apply (something but i forgot what it was) and deworm.
Teddy : *Kena force to eat deworming meds*
Teddy : Tries super hard to puke it out
Vet : *Feed artifical chocolate*
Teddy : *licking happily*
WHile they were preparing everything......
Me : *look at teddy* Hor hor hor!!! Injections~~~~ hohoho!!
Teddy : ..........?? T^T
Ass. A : Don't scare him lah!
Me : Giggles in a happy way
Vet : weird...he is okay with injections but not okay with medicines.
Me : Hahaha^^;;;
Recording Card from James Tan Vet. Hospital...
Vaccination Cert

Record card to continue on his current meds

Antibiotics, what's freaking scarly was a tablet like this......
I've got to devide it into 16 packs -_-;;

Teddy's picture taken today~~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

CMK x Items From Japan Arrived!

Yes yes, went to Cawaii Maid Kohii again^^

And enjoy my fav. drink Rose Sake~~~

This cawaii neko was done by Fion (a.k.a yui in the cafe)

Fion's self designed drink, it taste great. A candy kinda taste with a hint of mint. Well...i called it Alice in Wonderland^^v

But it's not in the menu

After you gave it a stir,it will turn into dark purple

Lavender cake was ordered by Keita....lol lol lol

Bought 2 tops for teddy but in the end its still TOO big for him >.<

Ya ya i know but this pink top is SO cute!!

My sis bought this rain coat for teddy...from daiso

Wee~~~ My items has arrived!! Thanks Yukiko-san!

My wiggy~~~ It cost quite alot but its worth it! So soft and pretty!

Diamond Lash~~~~~

Ma*rs's zebra top ~

The back~

My fav item of all.... d.i.a's lace top~


Just the Dress~

The bottom lashive used is slightly different then before.

Yawnz..i shall take my afternoon naps later again^0^