Sunday, November 14, 2010

CMK x Items From Japan Arrived!

Yes yes, went to Cawaii Maid Kohii again^^

And enjoy my fav. drink Rose Sake~~~

This cawaii neko was done by Fion (a.k.a yui in the cafe)

Fion's self designed drink, it taste great. A candy kinda taste with a hint of mint. Well...i called it Alice in Wonderland^^v

But it's not in the menu

After you gave it a stir,it will turn into dark purple

Lavender cake was ordered by lol lol

Bought 2 tops for teddy but in the end its still TOO big for him >.<

Ya ya i know but this pink top is SO cute!!

My sis bought this rain coat for teddy...from daiso

Wee~~~ My items has arrived!! Thanks Yukiko-san!

My wiggy~~~ It cost quite alot but its worth it! So soft and pretty!

Diamond Lash~~~~~

Ma*rs's zebra top ~

The back~

My fav item of all.... d.i.a's lace top~


Just the Dress~

The bottom lashive used is slightly different then before.

Yawnz..i shall take my afternoon naps later again^0^

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