Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

Did you guys enjoy your valentine's day?

No matter you're single or attached...there's always someone there for you..

Like friends, boyfriends or family :)

If you're asking bout me..yes i love it

But look, i'm single and yet im able to enjoy my v day being single...


Because there's friends i much that i have to do something for them

I am trying to make cakepop but cause something was ruined...i changed my mind in making it..

Nearly gave up but i still wanna try harder just for my friends...

So i finally make's the results

Please pardon me, it is my first time making something for someone.

And a friend make this in sweet right?
He took 5 hours making it..(1hr per rose)

First time received flowers, somemore its handmade...

I love to act like i don't care at all but on my way home, i was so touched that i cried.

Cab uncle played sad love song for me secretly cause he thinks that i got dumped...LOL

Alright, I'm ending this post with 2 of my photo (ya ya wan puke?)

♥ Miki

Monday, February 6, 2012

Reviews : Freshlight Champagne Pink - Palty Natural Brown

I'm doing reviews on Freshlight champagne pink & Palty's Natural Brown..

Below is the colour before using any of the products..

*Bleached once with Lolane hair bleach & topup my roots using palty hair bleach.

Reviews on Freshlight....

Cute box...cute colour.....BUT ITS THE WORSE PRODUCT i've ever USED...

Make your hair as dry as hay....not to mention bout the colour...look below

Not much difference right? plus!! It makes your hair so matt....totally ruin my hair :(

No shine at all......

Rate :

Colour : ♥

Shine : ♥

Softness : ♥

*5 hearts - BEST!

*4 hearts - Good

*3 hearts - Acceptable

*2 hearts - poor

*1 heart - Don't waste your money on it

I will never get freshlight hair dyes ever again..

Palty's review~

Love this products like matter how many times i bleached my hair..

i'll forever get back to this....

The only problem is.......whenever you applied on the top of your head.....bottom half already turn alot you'll need to be VERY FAST

The thing i do is..apply on full head, devide your hair into half and wash off the bottom half first..5 mins later...wash off the rest

Really love this product alot

Rate :

Colour : ♥♥♥♥

SHine : ♥♥♥♥♥

Softness : ♥♥♥♥♥

A product that i will always reach for.......

♥ Miki

♥ My buys ♥

Okay, i've got no idea why the pictures turn this way.....

well...ignore it yo! As long as you guys are able to see the pictures will do

Went to bugis st few days ago to get some shorts...

Both were SGD10 each which is a good buy..

I love the designs on this shorts....

Another was super light demin shorts...

love the colour but why the size is diff?? i cant fit into it....both from same company...same S

and again...palty natural this colour..3rd time using it

and teddy!!

Simply love his funny looking faces!

♥ Miki

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I.fairy Pearl Black Review

As promised, here's my review on i.fairy pearl black lens.

The design is simple, just plain thick black round rings.

The dia is 16.2mm which is huge...but black gives off a alien like huge black eyes.

As for me, i love how the effect gives off...those innocent puppy like eyes.

As below, i'm wearing it..

My answer : Yes, as what they have stated, its 16.2mm, effect is good...very enlarging effect.

But! Whenever i look up or'll be able to see the black lens covering some of your view..which is...duh!

I would say...big no no for this pair of lens. Totally a waste of money.

And received a gift from a friend i just know recently...

Love it to max...

Hope you guys like my review..

Love Miki