Friday, April 20, 2012

Review : Candy Doll Juicy Cherry

Im running out of lipglosses, and can't make up my mind on getting which...

It's been bothering me...


When i heard that candy doll's new lipglosses is released in watson, i rush down to grab one of it...cause im broke, i can't only get one T^T After thinking for so long (i even asked my bf on which colour i should get), I decided to get Juicy Cherry.

Ta-dah~!!! My new love~~~

Wondering if it's gonna be too red? Good news! It's not.
Look how light and transparent it is, for people who love red...this is a everyday wearable gloss!
Guess what? I have been using it from the day i bought it...haha and this proves that how much i love this lipgloss :)
Trust me, if i love it, you will too!!!

Below are the photo i tried on, lipstick was milky pink matches with Candy Doll's Juicy Cherry.

Heading out with a more punk look today.
And!! My next review is................

Bottom lashes that look similar to candy doll's real nude.
Stay Tuned!!
♥ Miki