Sunday, February 27, 2011

Golds Infinity

I hate myself..............
cause i ordered clothes from golds infinity......
In Black
5,775 Yen (SGD89.55)

and in baby pink........
6,930 Yen (SGD107.45)

and they are not cheap...


Went to golden mile again with keita & fion but last min, keita can't make it on time due to her office work's raining god damn heavy that day Zzzzz.....

Bought a few stuff from golden mile, which i'm very happy of..

First, my current phone was totally a crap! Cause i sold my iphone..and q-pot wasn't here yet.
So! i bought a mp3 there, 2gb....and the price were shocking cheap.

Miffy mp3 player was so so so cute! You can even change his clothes to different colours!~~

Cell phone deco sticker~~ *love*

2 dress for work/clubbing...
I love the white one, it's a little big for a few sewing must be done.

and the white different style..

Not sure if i will be wearing the black one because it's too transparent :x
Bought 2 because auntie lower the price from $25 to $20 not?

I save like 10 bucks for it.

And I'll only dress nicely when work during weekends, and the rest of the days...maybe i'll dress like.......normal. So ya..more pictures for weekends.

I'm trying to work very hard and save lots of money to get my own house. Rent or whatever..yes i'm moving out and staying alone. I don't want to stay in my current house anymore. "HE" is totally annoying!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Q-pot phone will arrive by monday next week.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Year 2007 - 2011 (Feb) of Me

2007 when I started working in cosafe maid cafe (right)

2007 - Kesalan Patharan Cosmetics (Japan) with Fion. I became rounder when i worked there.. eat, sit, sleep & shop (I'm not working at all :x)

2009 When i attend jennifer's wedding dinner and i spill orange soda on myself.

Still 2009, trying on my wig with Magic To Love perfume bottle

2010 photo taken right after i've pierced my eyebrows. After i quit A87.
Lady boss has been spreading bad rumours (she came up with her fake stories and make herself sounds like an angel) about me & yume. I don't care if she is reading this. Bitch!

Dyed my hair black cause....i looked too ah lian-ish

2010 November - dye white blonde

Wig from japan arrived~~ Trying them on..

er...and now..

Became sad...

Monday, February 21, 2011


I've ordered 2 pairs of new lenses from I.fairy

muacks muacks muacks

Of the day

Coordination of the day..
Lashes called cat from diamond lash and contact lens are from I.fairy

Stuff i bought today

*Macdonald's delivery ring my door bell*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

China Glaze Crackle x Navel Piercing

China Glaze Crackle Glaze
My sis and I ordered Crackle Glaze yesterday, and we're so excited about it.
Please note that photo's below are from Tamptalia, she is doing super informative reviews on it.
I'm only trying to show the colours here..
Crushed Candy , Fault Line , Broken Hearted

Black Mesh , Cracked Concrete , Lighting Bold

Those names that were bold means it's the colour we bought.

Can't wait for it to crack on my nails!

And yes!

About my navel right? Ya ya...since 1.5 months ago, my navel piercing has been infected.... yesterday was bleeding real bad. and I looked at my sis, with my blooding belly button and said : It is time to let it heal...

I'm not gonna pierce anywhere anymore.

I believe one of the reason was teddy, he keeps standing on my navel piercing (he is bout 2.5kg)

lol...i'm not blaming him...

I love him so how could i?

Haha's bye for now~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wonder Wonders

Received some gifts from Keita yesterday.
Hope Girl Under Eye Magic Cleaner...(i don't have to explain much cause...the title already tells the whole story)
Leopard prints cosmetics were my love, now i'm getting one more~~ Yeah!

Maquillage base x eyeshadows

Nice right?

Close up~


On hands

Wee diamond lash~~~

Another lashes~~

I'm using Girls life dvd as backgrounds in some photos above.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New sale post

Types of Payment : Paypal / Bank Transfer / COD
Postage : Shall be paid by buyers (paypal fees will be paid by you as well)
Waiting Time : Will mail the items within 3-4 days, bout 7 - 12 working days to reach you.
Items : Almost all items are from Japan, so price will be slightly higher

Ageha Long Black Laces Dress
SGD100 (white flower is included)

Tralala White Dress (BN)


Ma*rs Zebra x Flower Top

Price : SGD40


Ruby Ageha Dress

Price : SGD30


Pink Laces Ageha Style Dress (I think the brand is called pudding)
Price : SGD30


More laces on the back with ribbons for a sexy effect

Pink skull top (I regret getting it in pink)
Price : SGD20

I match it this way (Below) for a more tutuHA style like Hime nana..
(Skull pom pom skirt are not for sale)


Grey fox tail (Gold chains & hook)
Price : SGD18

That's all

Email me / comment below

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Changes

Currently my blog is under constructions..
Be sure to check within a week or so.
As for now, I have updated my reviews / tutorial corner.
Check them out! -.^

Iphone4 >>> Docomo SH-04C Bisqui Q-POT Phone

I'll make it short...
I sold my Iphone4 to get this.....This will be my spare phone.
It's Limited Edition only 1500pcs has been released in japan.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


1 month ago, my dad asked 2k from us, devided into 3 (me and my 2 sis).
so each of us squeeze out SGD667 for him to pay loan shark. He borrowed SGD500 from them and within a week, they increased it to 2k.

Yesterday, he asked 3k from us again............
Again..he borrowed from his they're asking him to return it back..

and each of us gotta squeeze out 1k just for him...

What will be next?
I've got no more money to squeeze out for him anymore.

No more japan trip in july...
right now..i feeling freaking sad because of this.

So please...i need to sell off my clothes fast.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Legend Of Heroes / Kate / Canmake

I can't take my hands off my psp now.........
Didn't expect Legends of Heroes to be so much fun...
And while i was shopping yesterday, i saw Legends of heroes III
i scream it a happy voice : I want this!!
I've asked him whether he is selling Silent Hill and he said no..not a famous game in singapore.
but i love it so much! Its fun, a little scary...and easy game to play.
The shop owners eyes was like saying : Girls don't really play RPG games or scary games like silent hill....O.o;;;
I bought a new eyeshadow by kate (again..I've got more than 10 kate items. see! i love kate so much) Saw sayaka using happily in ageha march issue so i decided to try them out.

and a super long bottom lash...its very natural..really!
Current love anime : Legend of Legendary Heroes............(! It's not related to the game above)
Shall continue with my games & animes!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reviews : Super Queenie 17.2mm Green/Red

I ordered 2 pairs of Super Queenie Contact Lens from on 28 oct 2010 and the spree ends on 14 december.. was stated in her blogspot that lens will arrive within 3-4 weeks and 1-2 weeks for me to receive them. So by right i should have receive the lens either on 21 or 28 Jan 2011 but i received it on 3rd Feb 2011. It takes so long~~
The price for 1 pair of queenie lens cost SGD22 or SGD21.50 for 2 pairs and above.

First, let's look at the packaging..

It's actually quite dangerous for them to place glass contact lens bottle in fat tube like this without bubble wraps to protect it. The tube box is not pretty anyway.

Bottom :

Bottles : Its so hard to open them...was 2times harder then normal lens

Super Queenie Green 17.2mm

Super Queenie Red 17.2mm

To prove it!

Sometimes by looking, you wouldn't know whether if the lens was 17.2mm (example) or not so!
Let's measure it.

For the green one...obviously when i compare both besides each looks lot bigger.
No QC i guess...Booo for that
Real size for this is : 15mm (Boooo)
Colour : 1/5 (You'll see a hint of green under sunlights but indoor......its super dark green)
Comfort Level : 0/5 (It's so painful and super dry on eyes. Lens itself is super thin and so hard to put it in)
Enlargement Effect : 0/5

Now it's time for red!
Real Size : 17mm
Colour : 2/5 More Pinkish Purple in Real Life then red
Comfort Level : 0/5 (Same Brand Same Reason...Read Above)
Enlargement Effect : 1/5

In my eyes :

(Picture taken while i'm facing my windows)
Very light hint of green..

I close up on red more...more purple right?

I highly recomend people NOT to get Super Queenie lens.
Poor quality, painful, no enlargement effect AT ALL.

Don't waste your money on this.

P.s : Top Lashes - Diamond Lash x Jewerich Number 2 , Bottom - Diamond Lash