Sunday, February 27, 2011


Went to golden mile again with keita & fion but last min, keita can't make it on time due to her office work's raining god damn heavy that day Zzzzz.....

Bought a few stuff from golden mile, which i'm very happy of..

First, my current phone was totally a crap! Cause i sold my iphone..and q-pot wasn't here yet.
So! i bought a mp3 there, 2gb....and the price were shocking cheap.

Miffy mp3 player was so so so cute! You can even change his clothes to different colours!~~

Cell phone deco sticker~~ *love*

2 dress for work/clubbing...
I love the white one, it's a little big for a few sewing must be done.

and the white different style..

Not sure if i will be wearing the black one because it's too transparent :x
Bought 2 because auntie lower the price from $25 to $20 not?

I save like 10 bucks for it.

And I'll only dress nicely when work during weekends, and the rest of the days...maybe i'll dress like.......normal. So ya..more pictures for weekends.

I'm trying to work very hard and save lots of money to get my own house. Rent or whatever..yes i'm moving out and staying alone. I don't want to stay in my current house anymore. "HE" is totally annoying!

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