Monday, August 13, 2012

Girl's Talk

This is what i think, and am totally not cool bout it.

No matter how close you are with your friends, there's always a limit with your friend's boyfriend. Don't get things OVER THE LINE.

This happens to a friend of mine, Your friend could happened to be best friend with you and your boyfriend, so what? But is it alright if your female girlfriend called your boyfriend "husband" and your bf calling your best friend "wife" ? Cool??

Just in case you don't get the ans, (refering you as dump)


Well, i have a friend, who i always stick with...besides her "bad habit"...she's actually a nice person. . Maybe she's those types of girl who flirt without knowing it.

I don't wanna list out everything bout her here, let's just talk bout the recent stuff...

Sharing yogurt is no big deal right? I mean friends are okay...but what if?

Your female friend asking your boyfriend to taste her yogurt to try out infront of you? Okay...maybe you don't see the point here, it means indirect kiss, your boyfriend is eating YOUR FRIENDS SALIVA...I'm totally not cool...

and my stupid bf actually went tasting it.

I'm still on fire regarding this matter...