Friday, December 31, 2010

3RD Birthday Arrived

Hey i know, by right i should be damn happy and excited playing this game but i'm not!
It's not the game's fault itself but it's my psp that can't log this game!! WTF?!
While it was loading, it load freaking slow then it auto switch off!
I think i'll better feedback to them.
The box front cover in mirror-ish effect

Open up! Nice pose aya!~
What's with the torn pants ?

What's included.....

Saw my fav eve?

I wonder why they gave this card...........

My mood has fall to -100 now...

Hard Candy

Size : 24
Brand : Hard Candy
As good as new, wore once for a few hours.
Price : SGD45

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yeah!!!!!! I've WIN!!

桜井莉菜 x 桜咲姫奈 Style

I used to like 桜井莉菜's style but recently her style has changed (slightly)...more mature, so does her makeups. (more natural??)

But!! I've fall in love more with 桜咲姫奈's style.
Totally love it!!

I'll be changing new hairstlye x hair colour in mid-jan 2011 and get hair extensions done before chinese new year~~~

Hope my grandma wouldn't faint when she saw me.

I wonder why, but her makeups in her blog was totally LOVE!!! Still prefer her in light brown hair instead of blonde..more kawaii~~

She's super cute! I'm trying to get similar eye makeup style like hers. Hmm i'll need more time.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ma*rs - SOLD , Added Hard Candy Boots

Will update with more details tmr

Adding More x Bridesmaid

I wanna thank my 10 followers who follow my blog except for yume :x
A friend of mine, from secondary school days....lost contact for 9 years..1year younger then me
and today...she sms-ed me with a shocking news
Guess what? She's getting married soon!
Wow! That's not the shocking part..........what make me worried was.....
She wants me to be her bridesmaid...
She asked a old lady like me to be her bridesmaid.........i'm so worried
As my feelings had already told me...
2011 will be a great year for me

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last & Final

Okay Okay, my last few items from japan aunction.
The diamond lash that i'm super duper in love with is this...only this style..nothing else!
Fall in love with this after steph gave a bottle to me, bought another one cause my sis wants it.
It's in black rose........super nice!

Strawberry...i wonder how it will smells like

A pink lace dress~~~~ Fall in love with in when i first saw it..i like another 2 dress as well but i've stop myself from buying.

Except for diamond lash, the rest is still under bidding.

Lashes For Sale

1 Pair : SGD15

1 Pair : SGD15

1 Pair : SGD7.50

Note : I'm selling only 1 pair per design.
Add SGD0.50 for postage in singapore.

All items are brand new, comes with a heart case for fairy lash, Jewerich only comes with full packaging.

Reason for selling them : SO IN LOVE WITH DIAMOND LASH so i'm selling them off.

Monday, December 27, 2010

tutuHA x mac

Bought a damn cool dress from osmos quite some times ago but because it's oos so i'll have to wait till they restock. Now! here it is^^ (actually i collected it last friday)
I love the style of this dress, its very thin, light and cooling!! If you looked closely, there is actually designs on it..laces x snake.

It's a 2 piece dress, another was inner dress

Besides getting my top, i went in to montip to get some flower clips and guess what??!! I saw this!!!! SGD22.90 so i bought only one cause i've already ordered a grey one like last thursday?

Another side of the tail...........more greyish

Heard lots of good reviews on this product from mac...

Studio fix powder x fix plus...well maybe not as great as they said.

And i have changed to iphone4...hate it!

Went out to collect tutuHA's dress top that i bought from steph...nice right?


I've changed to another makeup style....was it better then before?

Top Lash : No2 Jewerich
Bottom : Gracia x dolly wink

I wonder why my face always has like baby fat in the real like its like.......skinny face with double chin O.o;; (Ignore the circle laces hanging there)

Well..that's all


Items that yukiko helped me won in aunction.
Ma*rs 薔薇 x 豹
8000円 + Yukiko's commission 1200円
= 9200円 (SGD144.50)
Don't get shock with the price, its worth it cause i've been eyeing it since steph bought it in japan..lols
1400円 + Yukiko's Commission 800円
= 2200円 (SGD34.55)

Prisila Half Wig
3500円 + Yukiko's Commission 800円
= 4300円 (SGD67.50)

I think this is the most expensive item here...
Ma*rs Neko Jacket
10000円 + Yukiko's Commission 1200円
= 11200円 (SGD175.90)

Roughly spend 500 here........i should stop.

Aunction x Vamps

I'm adding 1 more item on bid which is this half wig from prisila.
Wondering if i should get this t-shirt from vamps that i've been eyeing on few months ago.

I'll stop myself from visiting aunction web sites for 3 months.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm so tired

Currently bidding on this necklaces...Really in love with it!! Let me win okay?
Brand was tutuHA
Bought this neko jacket from ma* it so much! Love the pink (or was it white) one too!!! Maybe i should get both...

Another tutuHA item! Bidding on this as well!

Out for christmas........its totally killing me thanks to my Hard Candy boots that makes me hurt like hell!
Me and yume...heehees
My nose was like bigger then hers! T^T

Yeah Yeah!!

I love the way how my lips looked in here......

Will be keeping my fringe long and dye it in ash brown or something.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

HelloEmy Giveaway~~

Emy is having giveaway, Please join them if you can^^
The rules are simple, Follow plus Like in Facebook.
Just click the link below to view more details about it.
Have Fun!