Thursday, December 30, 2010

桜井莉菜 x 桜咲姫奈 Style

I used to like 桜井莉菜's style but recently her style has changed (slightly)...more mature, so does her makeups. (more natural??)

But!! I've fall in love more with 桜咲姫奈's style.
Totally love it!!

I'll be changing new hairstlye x hair colour in mid-jan 2011 and get hair extensions done before chinese new year~~~

Hope my grandma wouldn't faint when she saw me.

I wonder why, but her makeups in her blog was totally LOVE!!! Still prefer her in light brown hair instead of blonde..more kawaii~~

She's super cute! I'm trying to get similar eye makeup style like hers. Hmm i'll need more time.

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