Sunday, October 31, 2010

I thought my dad is going to skin me alive today.........but he did't.
Because i added teddy into the family, my mini zoo (lols)
My dad was shock to see teddy sleeps like nobody's business (pic 2 & 3) haha.........its his 2nd day in my house~
You can actually tell that teddy is happy ............

Yawnz.........did not manage to sleep yesterday cause teddy woke up every 30mins crying.

Piko Piko

Nothing much to blog, currently listen to his song.

And his mv - Story

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Shall wait for yukiko to reply my email on monday about my stuff from japan.

Are you feeling lonely??

I mean who wouldn't...

There's always some seasons that people will feel down, stress, emo or lonely.....

I discovered people should not depand on others and don't trust anyone that easily. I've understand that when i was in secondary school, my endless nightmares of being bullied by people whom i've trusted.

Not only that, even at work..

You will meet people who is total irresponsible, don't ever tell me "cause she got no experience at all" or "she is only 16, what do you expect?"

Please!! Use your brain!! Don't bull shit me!

Understanding that there will be alot of happening going on if i stay and continue to work for them. So i left.

I love shopping, no matter alone or with friends..I can always enjoy myself.

Shopping alone was great! I'll always get to know more people with has similar topics/interest as i am or meeting up with interesting people.

I've u-turn my interests, and everything will be confirmed after i meet up with fion.

As always, i love to do things alone. Even collection of teddy today (confirmed name)

Teddy, Male, one and a half months old

Well, i drop off at the wrong stops and i'm lost!

No cab....shoe spoiled and i nearly fall

No choice but to call a cab to find my way there........

Teddy's in the pet's carrier

Home..............(he is feeling stress)

Love his hime eyebrow

The way he sleeps is like.................SUPER CUTE!!

Slightly bigger then my palm

Sometimes he will cry, with tears around his eyes................missing his parents/brothers i think

I feel so guilty bout it. Haha

And his eyes colour became light greyish blue.............

I'm still feeling sick..................did not eat anything today...just a cup of milk tea.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well....i'm so excited....
Not only pico is coming (2 days more, and i might change his name to poppy), my katanas and wig are here~~~
Starting to feel busy~~~~
Look!! I've note down in my schedule book of pico's date of birth, days/weeks old.........
Month of feedings (change from 4 times a day to 3 and 2)
When pico is here........his food and time table gonna be....
first meal @ 7am
Second @ 12noon
3rd @ 6pm
4th @ 10pm
Got to brush his teeth after each and every single meal~~~ Well....his food will be kinda special for few mths old puppies.. Puppy milk adding with puppy palettes (lols)
Plus!! Poo training~~
First vaccine will be next thursday~~
Not only vaccine, i'll also get him de-wormed and microchipped.
I'll apply for his licence when he went for 2nd vaccine.

And then after that!! I can relax~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hair x tattoo

I decided to slow things down a little.

Maybe i have been trying to rush or squeeze something that i've been planning to do..

Wonder what i am talking about? (It's my secrets)

Was thinking of doing this cause......................its damn chio lah!
I wanted to do butterfly on my leg but.............many many reasons not to do so.

Plus i love blue

I love this hairstyle so much!! Wonder if i should give it a try....or was it too much for me?

Well..since i've decided to bleach my hair to light blonde, cutting short shouldn't be a problem at all. Even if i don't like it...i can always wear hair extensions. Right?

Photo Credits goes to mai

If you are reading this, pls give me your comments.

Kinda miss my butler days.........

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hot Topic

Ordered a few items from Hot Topic and right now, i'm so excited!!

Love their nail polish But too bad!!! They can't bring it in to singapore.

Love this blusher so much (so pink!)

Purple Sheer Lipgloss........

And a pair of gloves~~

Will be collecting it from yume on afa. Seriously!! Can someone hide my cards away from me??


Photo Credits Goes To : Princesa Livia

Well....I wanted to get Urban Decay's Black Palette But!!!!!!!!!!! Its So Expensive With Only Limited COlours (Sometimes they repeat the colours using different name)

So i'm giving Sleek's Graphite Palette a try.........

Looking forward to it!! By the way I got it from Ebay (In case you were wondering)

It cost Bout $20.40 including postage (postage was totally a killer!! SGD10 -_-;;;) i got to do is to wait!!

Looking forward to it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Items arrived

Received my samples from "The Sample Store" So excited!!
I've bought a light brown eyebrow pencil from the sample store as well and right now, they are having $4 off promotions.
And these are the samples i've requested~~~

As for the eyebrow pencil, there's 2 colours. Lighter tone was to fill in the brows and darker one are for the outlines.

Kinda regret buying this bag because.................its too big T^T

The bed, cage, and toilet~~~~

5 more days to pico~~ and kinda excited for AFA 2010 as well~~~~~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snake Bites x I.Fairy

Sudden urge of getting snake bites done next week.


I'm fucking serious.

Watched too much youtube i guess....

Damn regret to remove my labret studs for that temp job. Feels so sad........

Ordered 3 pairs of contact lens from I.fairy (my previous order was oos)


I've received a sms from her saying that pico has started eating semi solid food and will be able to collet him next saturday!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Far East

Shopping at far east today~~~~~~
Super happy, but kinda broke as well.........bought too much stuff.
I bought a pair of shoes but lazy to take picture of it. lols
I'm so in love with this necklaces!! Kinda ex but its worth it for now and its heavy.
Love the design of this belt, its from far east level 3, (do remeber to count basement as level 1), next to the escalator.
You would't miss it!

Same shop, Its $5/pc, 3 for $10!!
So i bought same design 1 gold and 2 black.

Camwhore!!! Nah~~~
Pink drawers gonna throw away soon, bye bye~~

In this picture, i'm not trying to show myself (im not pretty either), all i wanna show was my stupid nephew.

Saw it????

Can't wait to get my nose done seriously~!!! Fucking big and flat. lols

Lens : EOS Super Neon Violet
Top Lash : Stella (Handmade Lashes)
Blusher : Elianto
Lipstick : E.L.F
Lipgloss : Kesalan Patharan
Dress : Miss Sixties
Necklaces : Far East (forgot the name of the shop)
Yawnz, gotta rest now.

New banner x books x coffee

I'm a night cat, normally i sleeps at 5am when my sis is about to get up and get ready for work.
Waking up at 10am is totally a killer!!! Even a cup of coffee couldn't wake me up.....My brain is not working at all.......

Can't help it but i love this cup so much! It's True Blood (Good to the last taste) Bloody looking
I've been cleaning up my house, keeping a corner just to store my pets. Clearing here and there......
Anyone wants free comics? lols I got lots of them to throw. Clearing up rooms too........Will be getting a new tv and drawers for our room.
Busy week isn't it? Well...just take it as im doing excercise. Still wondering how's pico is doing.
Well, so far, she only sold pico & a beige chihuahua. There's still 3 black chihuahua (2 short, 1 long coat)
Gotta get pico's licence & microchip done when he reach bout 3 months old, and have check with vet when he gets his first vaccine done.
Feels so tired, gotta meet my sis after this......lols dragging myself to orchard T^T

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Nothing much to blog.............

Just deco my camera~ lol

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pico 16 days more

16 More days to go~~~~~~~
Gotta start looking for another job.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Went out today to get some stuff for tmr & pets food....
Manage to find over the knee socks @ Tampines Mall level 4 *lucky^o^*
Bought a few stuff...........lols
Sella false eyelash - Handmade and some designs are very special!
They even have it in 2 layers, cant wait to try them out^^
Pico is coming soon, gotta prepare some stuff for him, i bought puppy's milk for pico and the rest was given free by one of a lady staff from pet lovers tampines~~

Right now! purchase above $50 and you'll stand a chance to win Ipad!!!

Gosh i wonder why i feel so tired now............tmr gonna start working~~ Stress!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

La Riche x EOS

Received my La Riche Directions Hairdye & EOS lens today....Yeah!! ^o^
First package~~~~~~~~~~
From La Riche..


The brush~~ I ordered 2 set but why they only send me 1 brush T^T

4 bottle in a box

Super small bottle..........~~~~~~~~~~

2nd pachage~~~~

Skip the receipt, this one is ebony

3rd package~!!! My new eos lens!~

Open up~

The code~~~


I'm waiting for diamond lash aunction to close before she mail out our stuff.

My ma*rs~~~ tutuHA~~~~~~ Diamond Lash~~~~~~~~~