Friday, October 22, 2010

Far East

Shopping at far east today~~~~~~
Super happy, but kinda broke as well.........bought too much stuff.
I bought a pair of shoes but lazy to take picture of it. lols
I'm so in love with this necklaces!! Kinda ex but its worth it for now and its heavy.
Love the design of this belt, its from far east level 3, (do remeber to count basement as level 1), next to the escalator.
You would't miss it!

Same shop, Its $5/pc, 3 for $10!!
So i bought same design 1 gold and 2 black.

Camwhore!!! Nah~~~
Pink drawers gonna throw away soon, bye bye~~

In this picture, i'm not trying to show myself (im not pretty either), all i wanna show was my stupid nephew.

Saw it????

Can't wait to get my nose done seriously~!!! Fucking big and flat. lols

Lens : EOS Super Neon Violet
Top Lash : Stella (Handmade Lashes)
Blusher : Elianto
Lipstick : E.L.F
Lipgloss : Kesalan Patharan
Dress : Miss Sixties
Necklaces : Far East (forgot the name of the shop)
Yawnz, gotta rest now.

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