Monday, January 31, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Have you been there?
Well, it was a family day for siemens worker (Free family tickets)..
and it started, well....not really!
I'll make things clear here, I don't like to go out in a big group with strangers who i don't even know. Its just so weird walking together with sis and with her friends who i don't even talk to.
I was shock when i arrived there with the kids....happy mood drops to -50
First part you'll arrive was hollywood..

Well it's cute and there is lots of fun places to shop, the food there was -100

This is where i gets really pissed off

My nephew

My Niece...such weird expressions she gave...

I love puss in boots, asked my sis to took 1 of it

Okay, as for this who was it??

Kinda reminds me of Tokyo DisneyLand

Sherk's hand print

Okay, for the whole day, kids were driving us nuts.
Our heels are killing us and they wants to get this, that, go here, this and that..
But ya, they were just kids so we let them play.

er....panda? Forgot his name but i do remember which cartoon he came from.

Bags and bags of erm........

Well..this were what i've bought.

A free betty boop t-shirt~~~
A Betty Boop Comb (comb stand included)
A Betty Boop Hat........
A Betty Boop Wallet............(seriously i need to change one so i bought this)
Ginger bread man from sherk, bought for teddy and it is not that cheap.
Well i bought this for teddy was because i feel so sorry for him that morning. Nobody was free to look after him that day so i've arranged a homebase pet sitter to collect him. (I guess he might thinks that we gave him away ) She warn me when she first collected teddy that many pet sitter were liars. You pay them and they sold your pets (lols), and it will be best that you stick with the same pet sitter.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's been so long since i last saw fion (Yui from cmk)
As usual, after her work we meet at bugis and went to goldenmile for some thaifood.
Shit!! I forgot how you say milk tea in thai!!
First of all, my skin has becoming better. All thanks to E.Magic.
Currently i need a good makeup base for dry skin like mine.
Wee..i'm wearing my leopard print skull top with my super glittering belt.

and yes, i love my hair extensions.

Haha fion trying to cover her tummy...(lol)
Things has been going smoothly for her..i'm glad.
Heard that there is some fights/back stab stuff going on and on......
Hey! it's seriously stupid and childish! Grow up girls.
If you did anything bad, Hell will always reserve a sit/space for you. Trust me! i care

I'm into sayaka's eye makeup and has been trying to get her lashes.
And again..i love my i.fairy cherry gold lens!


So cute~~~~~

I'll blog bout universal studio soon!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prisila Half Wig in VM-03

Last min decided to dye ash green blonde, so trying my luck to sell this off.
It's brand new and am looking at the price of $70.
In Package
- It's a very beautiful half wig suitable for ageha look but the only problem is you got to dye the same colour.

Actual hair colour


Monday, January 24, 2011

Received 2 mails today~~
1 was teddy's dog tag

2ndly...........ageha's clothing~~~

From Garder la foi

Webbies :

Lalala~~ Covered my address

Back~ lol

First dress! The quality was alot better than i've expected. Well, i have ordered alot of stuff from japan but that does not mean the quality is good. In Garder la foi, their clothings were shipped directly from japan and all items are ready stocks! Guess what? Their price is freaking awesome too. I'm sure you'll get more then 1 once you click it.

Woohoo...I'm not telling you where i'll be wearing this dress to..(lol like you care)

Zoom in the ribbons

Cute right?

2nd! Purple-ish 1 pc looks like 2 pcs isn't it? Haha
All material (cloth) are so cooling~~~~ Suitable to wear in hot country like singapore.

Details again

Awesome dresses! Shall order more once they have new stocks.

Bugis St x Milly's

I actually had my appointment at 3pm yesterday, but because my hair colour currently was (Light Blonde) - Ash Green Blonde, they'll have to bleach the hair extension twice, and dye it with colour. I waited bout 2hours 30mins so i went back to check with them again and.....i waited another 30mins cause a customer who came after me was bleaching her hair.
I hate waiting, but i wonder why.......ytd i wasn't angry/pissed at all..
But! In that 3 hours......i bought.................. -_-;;;
Harajuku Lovers, Wanted to lay my hands on these since last year's AFA.
I'm so happy that rock me has mini version!
Without thinking much, i've added this in.......

Back to what i've used for 2 years........I love envy SO MUCH that i'm back using it again.

Night of fancy~~~
I did not get the new anna sui perfume (forgot what it was called) was because it smells like....fong yu..

D&G Number smells so fresh! Like i've just got out of bath room (bathing)

Versace Bright Crystal smells so much like............fruits~

I nearly went crazy after seeing nice clothing selling in bugis st.

puffy skirt..

Super diamond/crystal-ish them!
I'm so crazy for hime nana's recent post in her blog!!
Love how she matches the clothing and shirts!
Because tutuHA is only available in japan, i'll got to find similar ones.......

Well........i match it this way............what do you think?

muahahahahaha i love leopard prints......

Zoom in the crystal skull

Pink Dress........

Lastly! Milly's!!
I've done it, totally 270 hair extensions (50 for free)
Because i requested to make it thick~~~~ lol
They were prof, they asked me whether i have done any hair extensions before?
I said no, and they explains to me how to look after it, making it soft etc..
After that, a little trimming and she curl my hair for me..........
LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

My braiding hair extensions was done by Daniel (well...some girls came to help because customers keeps coming in trimming their hair so he have to serve them)

and...........................this is it! do you think?

and before~~

If you're able to tell my hair looks more like ciel's colour nowadays..
(Ciel from kuroshitsuji)

I hope you love reading my blog!