Monday, January 31, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Have you been there?
Well, it was a family day for siemens worker (Free family tickets)..
and it started, well....not really!
I'll make things clear here, I don't like to go out in a big group with strangers who i don't even know. Its just so weird walking together with sis and with her friends who i don't even talk to.
I was shock when i arrived there with the kids....happy mood drops to -50
First part you'll arrive was hollywood..

Well it's cute and there is lots of fun places to shop, the food there was -100

This is where i gets really pissed off

My nephew

My Niece...such weird expressions she gave...

I love puss in boots, asked my sis to took 1 of it

Okay, as for this who was it??

Kinda reminds me of Tokyo DisneyLand

Sherk's hand print

Okay, for the whole day, kids were driving us nuts.
Our heels are killing us and they wants to get this, that, go here, this and that..
But ya, they were just kids so we let them play.

er....panda? Forgot his name but i do remember which cartoon he came from.

Bags and bags of erm........

Well..this were what i've bought.

A free betty boop t-shirt~~~
A Betty Boop Comb (comb stand included)
A Betty Boop Hat........
A Betty Boop Wallet............(seriously i need to change one so i bought this)
Ginger bread man from sherk, bought for teddy and it is not that cheap.
Well i bought this for teddy was because i feel so sorry for him that morning. Nobody was free to look after him that day so i've arranged a homebase pet sitter to collect him. (I guess he might thinks that we gave him away ) She warn me when she first collected teddy that many pet sitter were liars. You pay them and they sold your pets (lols), and it will be best that you stick with the same pet sitter.

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