Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back with heavy eye makeup

Re-in love with sakurina's makeup, more heavy..darker & longer lashes.

So what do you guys think? Anyway, if you guys did notice, i've touch-up my roots XD

Bigger eye effect

I'm doing a close up picture focus on my eye makeup..

MUHAHAHAHA im totally in love with it...the lip colour is kinda wrong..
Sakurina's is more orangey red and mine are pink...

Just a short post, Night people!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pls help me get them!!


I'm selling some of my stuff here so pls help me get them!!

Price are neg but pls be reasonable. Payment by paypal if you are staying outside of singapore. Postage will be paid by you.

Boots Size : M


Clip-On Hair Extensions SGD18 Each

Colour : Light Blonde

Colour : Dark Brown

Docomo SH-04C Colour In Choco, Hypersim Included


Diamond Lash - Angel (Left Hand)


Melliesh BB Cream (Tester once on hand only)

tutuHA Red Tube Mini Dress

SGD70 (Brand New)

Picture of himena wearing it (In Pink x White)

Ruby Dress (wore once)


Golds Infinity Set (Only the top has been worn, the rest are brand new)

Includes : Top, Neck Thingy, 2 Sleeves, 1 mini skirt, Pin (the pin part is broke, can be fix and will do so before sending it out)


Comment below with email address if you are interested.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi everyone~

How has your days been? As for me, I'm having a very hard time getting along with my co-workers. Not sure if the problems is on me or them. Seriously, I can't stand people being rude to customers and they have been picking on me. Well...i'll see how far i could go this time.

Well!! My yumetenbo parcel have arrived! 1 was yesterday, and today.


First Item.......Heels!!

It's a 2 way heels, either you clip both on (back and front) or just choose either one and clip on the front.

The colour i've choose is Black A =3

Awesome right?! Super love this heel!! *flying nao~~* People! Go get this while it's still available!

2nd item, Stockings

Design Black A

Lastly Leopard 2 piece topMadly in love with this!

Visit yumetenbo and get your items nao!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DollyWink / Candy Doll / Etude House

Dollywink will release their new range of lashes soon!!


Because I AM!!

Alright! Back to the point.

I'm so broke broke broke...nao~ Bought too much stuff recently...

There's alot of stuff i did not take photo of..

Baby lips lipbalm, Candy Doll Powder Foundation & CD Concealer.

The first thing i notice when i took it out was..........

Cheap sorry luh..and its making me feels like im playing with my niece's toy -___-

Back of the casing......

Opens up! 2 level compact. First layer is sponge

2nd layer is the foundation with mirror

Candy Doll Concealer~

Baby Lips lipbalm

Shall review the above products soon~

2 samples were given to me when i purchased Fresh Cherry Tint from Etude House.

In peach colour

Shall review it once my pink lip tint arrive on both lip tint and tear drop liner in gold.

Finally off today~~ Mad tired can~~~~

Teddy was playing with tofu...

That's all for nao~