Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi everyone~

How has your days been? As for me, I'm having a very hard time getting along with my co-workers. Not sure if the problems is on me or them. Seriously, I can't stand people being rude to customers and they have been picking on me. Well...i'll see how far i could go this time.

Well!! My yumetenbo parcel have arrived! 1 was yesterday, and today.


First Item.......Heels!!

It's a 2 way heels, either you clip both on (back and front) or just choose either one and clip on the front.

The colour i've choose is Black A =3

Awesome right?! Super love this heel!! *flying nao~~* People! Go get this while it's still available!

2nd item, Stockings

Design Black A

Lastly Leopard 2 piece topMadly in love with this!

Visit yumetenbo and get your items nao!

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