Thursday, March 31, 2011


Feeling freaking tired............Zzz didn't sleep well yesterday. Few days ago, i went to chapter2 for hair dye & protein treatments...

Thou the treatments are very expensive but it is so worth it. The area that i have bleached is so soft and smooth~~

But as for the colour, i'm going to get home dye to dye my hair again. This time will be chocolate brown. I need to dye back to darker tone in order to bleach my hair again.

Sorry for the blur photo

Wig and boots that i bought from bugis st. The boots are only $10!!! Should have bought the grey one too!

Super smooth wig~ Most of the time, when you wear a wig, your head normally looks slightly bigger but thiS!!!! Is so natural!! The best thing was, they can let you try it on, free washing/treatments for your wigs after you used for 4-5 times!

The colour i've choose was milk tea brown, black makes me looked so much like a doll which i don't want it to happen. I'm sick of people telling me that i look like a doll...when i'm working, shopping or whatever.

Yeah! My diamond lash is here!! Bought from a singapore seller~

Okays, am tired.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Please visit : Postage/paypal fee is not included.


Am super tired now... Just got back home after my visit to chapter2 & shoppings at It's so nice to shop around alone^^ I'll blog more on my hair, product treatments and stuff i've bought... Like : $10 Studs Boots Super duper natural smooth wig

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fresh light x Geo Princess mimi sesame grey


I know it's a mess but don't blame me cause when i received was already damaged.

As in the parcel box not the items

Saw what i ordered? Yes, they are finally here..waited like 10 years for them to arrive. Postage has been really slow in singapore and it makes me wonder why.

Wee my geo princess mimi sesame grey is i'm waiting for chocolate brown to arrive.

Not sure was it because of me...(have been wearing 16.2mm lens lately) and these pair of lens looks more like 14.2mm instead of 15mm.

The case is BIG~~

Fresh Light!Love the colour but i've decided to sell this away cause i have changed my mind to dye chocolate brown.

Oh ya!! I bought this dress from sochii last friday before i collect teddy home at the hospital.

Love it!the colour was so baby pink~~~~ so soft~~

Look at the buttons....freaking sweet isn't it?

Haha...teddy's expressions looks so poor thing......

The kids are back..gotta stop blogging.

p.s : Not my

Byes~! *muacks*

Simple is good isn't it? I have changed the colour/background of my blog again..

Cause the pervious one kinda hurt my eyes a you think so?

It's been 3 days since teddy's castration...but he act like normal on sat evening...

Run around...bite

He is doing great, hungry like forever....full of energy...

And as for dust...she stared eating/drinking by herself!! I am so happy for them!

* wallpaper on my cell phone

I kinda love the effects that was done by japanese phone..."big eye effect" "Pretty skin" & "brighten"

I have totally changed my makeups. Droopy eyes, pink blusher & pink lips.

I looked so old with curl hairs~!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My stuff arrived yesterday in the late afternoon.
Next to james tan at 233 whitley road. The stuff they sell are freaking cheap!
24 packs dog food
As reuested by vet, for dust and other rabbits
I love the skull choker, but it's for cat i bought it because their dog choker was like....for BIG dogs

Bought 2 more shirts for teddy since he need it.

2nd shirt

Let's just see.......................oh i found my aya brea's wig for 3rd birthday..shall trim it~~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Visit to the vet

Damn it! I'm so into Yayoi's eye makeup recently.....those droopy kind..
Muahahahaha Camwhore!

Did't know that we have to make appointment for castrations...hmm wasted 2nd trip down..
well...maybe not! It's lucky that i forced dust to visit the vet as well. She has stop eating for the past 2 days...

Dust's carrier


Look at what's inside it....a must have stuff for him to sleep for the whole trip

Bought a box of dog food for teddy (24packs), with L side cat little, 1 timonthy hay, 1 skull choker with free delivery...and they're not here yet.

Teddy's castration date will be on this coming fri........lucky there's cancel slot.
Some notes written by the vet to follow........(dust)

To force dust :
* 100ml of water perday
* palette
* medicine
Teddy's Big NO :
* NO dinner/water after 8pm
* NO breakfast/water

Dust's medicine.

I shall rest alittle (naps)

Teddy x Stocks

Wasted a trip down for teddy's check up cause................
Teddy's vet is not in today..
While i enter the hospital, the assistant said : WHY YOU COME?!!
And i'm like "huh??" "You don't wanna see him??"
She said : No...cause jane is not in today..can you come tmr? "she is trying t hint something"
Me : "Feels something" then "okay, sure"
I try calling for cabs and i got one...but that was 40mins later.......
Sad...peek hours hur?
No choice, i called..... found one and told him that i will be going to 2 places, and needs him to wait for bout 15mins and he said okay. woohoo i told him to continue letting the fare run but he stop it till i return and he continued.
Bout 4 items only and it's above SGD100 but and keep
I'm feeling so kiasu......

My makeups for it?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Stuff i ordered today was what i've always been wanting to get...
Changing to a new hair colour soon....first bleach then dye it with champange pink

I ordered bambi mimi sesame grey because green was oos.....

But after seeing nemoyayo wearing it.........i ordered a pair of chocolate brown instead of green

can't wait for them to arrive before i could do a reviews on them.
Gonna say bye bye to my hair extensions~~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Diamond Lash x Diamond Blush (For your eyes only)

Yesterday i've received my parcel that were send by yukiko. My orders from Diamond-beauty.
Actually i am surpose to order it together with my golds infinity items but i left it out that day.
Okay, get to the point.
What did i ordered?
- 1 box upper lash
- 2 box lower lash
- diamond blush
and a free magazine from them.
The diamond blush was very well packed and designs is so pretty!
Back of the box
When i took it out...i almost screamed. It was SO freaking PRETTY!

Totally can't wait to try them out!

Bottom Lash

Bottom Lash

I've decided to take pictures of it and spend more time and effort to show it here.
Hope those who are reading my blog will enjoy this

well...that's all.
Hope you guys will enjoy it.
Off to ikea now...