Thursday, July 28, 2011

Changing to a new colour

Anyone miss me?

LOL..I guess not :)

For some reason...i miss my dark brown hair...

Oh well...i'll be blogging on what i use on me hair by tml..

Monday, July 4, 2011

Updates July


How's everyone been doing?

Well...My luck was kinda low..

Sick...Internal bleeding..(sort of)

I've quit my job at DP...



LOLs! What could be worse?

Last sat i meet up with keita after her lesson ends & me finish visiting my doctor.

I'm in pain that me! you would't wanna know how it feels like!

hahaha!! Oops keita! Uploaded you picture here XD

Some pictures taken recently...

kk i know too much pictures of me will make people wanna puke..

I trade my Golds Infinity top to this..

The box is big...!! Super big!

Need to find a space and squeeze it in!


And well..~~ My starglazer - shoking pink is here!!

Bought 3 bottle of it~~ Wee..

And free gifts!