Saturday, April 30, 2011

Collections : Eyemazing, Cosmagic, Candy Doll & some random stuff

Collected my stuff last sat from himeko.

Her spree ends super fast! All items arrived 2 weeks after her spree closed!

I'm trying out some of the stuff since all items are selling really cheap. Ya..

Eyemazing lashes~~ I'm a little disappointed because i thought the "line" will be transparent gives off a really natural effect.

Candy doll blush/highlighter. Really small and handy. I have not try it yet so can't say much about it.


Super awesome crystalish packaging! VERY shimmery...(i hate shimmery blushes) Have not try it yet..ya mouth zipped.

Look how cute it was...

Some instructions

Naturactor concealer~

One of my fav. concealer and this is our 2nd pot. 1 pot can seriously use for 2 years.

Wanting to get some show since there isn't much jap drama's online so bought 2 since its 2 for SGD35

Yeah! Another hostess drama~~~ *love it*

Needed black shorts badly so went straight down to bugis st to get one

But i bought this as well cause it was so nice!

okies, i'm ending this post with teddy's photo.

P.s : baby has stop eating for 1 day...Zzzzz

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reviews : Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Milky Color Lips

Went down to watsons yesterday to get some stuff. Super happy about it.

Not expecting new products while i was shopping there, first was their packaging that attracts me. Kinda cute to me, maybe some of you have seen it like few weeks ago, but i'm a very "home" person, so ya...staying at home during the hot sunny weather that might cooked your brains outside is good. (Nah..i am just kidding) It's so hot that i am having headaches nearly every single day!

Well first, look at the packaging

I love black x gold design lipstick case..its so pretty.

The colour i bought was 03.

01 was more to Nude Pink

02 Nude

03 Pink

04 Nude Orange

Look at the lip colour...

Pretty right?! There is no testers at their counters, but pictures of them wearing is available.

I'm just trying my luck thou, and it did not turn out like what they show.

Test on hand

Now on lips!

With flash~~

Looks too pale looking right?
Trust me! Blame it on the flash

It looks so much better without flash! Very natural looking.

My rates

Smoothness..when you first apply it, its gloss light looking just like a lip balm with a hint of pink.

Right after 2nd layer, it covers your original lip colour, lines and make it smooth looking.

Works like a lip concealer yet you can wear it out with or without any lipgloss on. I am born with dark lip colour and this product works so well on me.

Price is very reasonable as well, below SGD20.

Will i purchase this item again? My ans is yes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Melliesh BB Base

As promised, i have received this product today^^

But i did not expect it to be....darker then my skin tone.

Hmm i'll try using a little on half of my face and if i still find it too dark for me, i might sell it off.

Going off for my part-time interview.
Wish me luck!


Right head hurts like hell...

will pop 2 pain killers later on.

My updates are :

Alois Trancy wig/costume arrived! Super fast! It takes bout 1-2 working days from china to singapore!

Geo Princess mimi apple green arrived

Should be able to collect my lashes/blushes by this week

Melliesh bb base will arrive tmr

Collecting my miku costume on friday......

Busy week for me.....

Do visit my sale post 'cause i will be selling off my costumes there.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cosfest Day 2?

Revolution / Everyday Isle of dogs / Mikki

As written, today's post will be stuff for dogs. Well...for teddy i mean.

The products i bought..some are from petlovers

Revolution for puppies below 2.5kg ..treatment prevention of flea for cats & dogs.

Aiya...i'm so lazy to type all just click the pictures below to view more information on this product & how it works.

I still prefer what jean used on teddy when he's bout 3months old. It works the same but the one she used smells SO GOOD~~~ This? er...a antiseptic-ish smell...

This products comes in 3 packs in a box, for 3 mths use. To be use once a month.

Freaking easy~~ Just push open a small part behind the back of their neck and apply.

Okays, teddy's fur is so~~~~~~~dry & hard like floor brush (those u scrub your toilet's floor) kidding. this products is not the best but it helps soften a little. I seriously NEEDS recommendations on dog's conditioners.

But i have to admit that this conditioner smells so good.

Yes, he bites!

When he starts attacking us (bite us) for no reason...we will let him wear muzzle for 15mins. Not more then that. Just training him letting him know that bitting is WRONG!

btw i have updated my selling blog:

Monday, April 18, 2011


I have ordered a few more lenses below....

Geo Crazy Lens - SF-18 & SF-34

Candy Magic Gossip Blue 14.8mm

Geo Princess Mimi Green Apple

I'll review them once they arrived. As for chocolate & sesame gray........i'll review it when i feel better. Freaking tired.........why am i always so tired?

Melliesh Spree

Anyone keen........??

Price included postage to singapore & to your house.

Very limited pcs.......!

Comment below with your email address & items you want if you are interested.

This spree will end on 20 april 2011.

All payments MUST provide a clear copy of ATM TRANSFER Number & RECEIPT.

No Payment, No Order..Clear?

There will be a SGD1 off for self collection. Date/place will be updated.



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kate Crystallise Quartz Eyeshadow

Kanebo new release call crystallise quartz eyeshadows currently it is not available in singapore yet.

I've received mine today, in BR-2

I love the casing so much, those crystalish style..

A is silver-ish glitter, B is more light beige, then mid brown to dark brown.

On's alot darker in real person, but not on pictures.

I've got lots of kate products...maybe i should take pictures of them all \^o^/


I don't wanna hurt anyone's eyes when they read my blog so......heart for it. *cover* *cover*

He's kinda pissed off.....(his eyes : Outer ring : Gold, middle ring : grey, then black, he has totally lost his blue eyes)

Acting cute

Ending this post with his cutie face.

The Black Star

Well Avril Lavigne..see you soon! Real soon!

Er.....our makeup corner..

No..this is only a small part of it. There is MORE

There is majolica majorca, Holika Holika, Mac, Melliesh, Faceshop, Hakubi B & C pills, Etude house, Kesalan Patharan, Kate, canmake, geo princess mimi, candy magic, I.fairy etc etc.........

My 2 box of eyelashes.....its different kind of lashes, my eyelash boxes are in another box with brand new untouched cosmetics.

Needs more space for my up coming cosmetics.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Kindly note that, all my sellings in my blog from now on are only for local buyers.

I DO NOT accept overseas buyers because of my bad experience with a kid.



Cosplaying Again..?


I got to agree 1000% to lawliet on what she said in her blog about "him".

2ndly, i will be the most happy one when yui (fion) quit her job "there" cause she always get bully by that medusa.

3rdly, i'm back in cosplaying..well maybe not!

Just that i love alois's character & style so much that I HAVE TO DO IT!

Yes, kids..another little boy cosplay.

I have done all my homework on alois trancy! so..........look forward to it! Because his eyes are in pale blue.........its so hard to find lens that is similar to his eyes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

- Sandra

I apologise to you here. Will mail out by tmr.

To those who bought items from me :

Kindly note that :

- Goods sold are not refundable

- If the item were delivered to you late/lost of mail, i shall not be responsible for it (stop telling me to refund you your payment in almost every email/pm)

- Why yes, those who are below 18, PLEASE ask your parents before you purchase any item from me.

Lastly, I DO NOT SERVE PRINCESSES! So don't act like one or you will be ignored.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Holika Holika Singapore


Went out to grab some Holika Holika items at orchard few days ago...

And why yes! I AM wearing a wig.

Muahahahaha~~ sorry for my camwhore~ Hope you did not puke XD

My head looks so BIG~

Okay no more bullshits! Er...bought all these in 15mins.

Red clay egg soap~ It's so cute!

I've used it and it is great!! Red clay soap are recommended for those who put on makeup almost everyday..It cleans your skin so skin is SO CLEAN yet it is soft & smooth!

But!! I find the eggs a little expensive. I don't mind spending more on DHC olive soap instead of this. SGD20 for 2 eggs...

Will i be re-purchasing it again? My ans is no.


Black caviar Essence...*cough*

Very expensive when you buy it in store, i highly recommend people pre-order it online, try their tester out first before ordering online. (Links to recommend on holika spree? Ask me thru email)

Anyway, this helps to reduce winkles.......why yes..i have winkles. Who don't?

Seriously, the bottle IS SO CUTE!! Some toner's bottle look just like potion!

Liquid BB Roller...........PLEASE!! THIS IS THE BEST BB LIQUID I HAVE EVER USED!! MUST GET THIS! Mid-coverage, smooth.....brighten up your skin, make your skin looks so perfect! Like doll! I hate bb cream cause they are so oily...but this is not! Must try this! MUST!

It works 100% better then lancome's Teint Miracle.

There is a extra sponge roller to replace. I hate the packaging.. -_-

V shape mask, I have lower baby fats on my face which makes me look kinda chubby/double chin..trying this out to see if it works. Their Plumping Heart's cream IS another must buy product! It firms & lift your face to make it more v-shape. Not when you used for 1 day and you'll be able to see the results but you can feel the lifting effect on your first use. You know that there is one famous v shape cream selling like hotcakes in singapore? never work. Don't waste your money on "that" product.

Before makeup sheet. I forgot what is the use of it...No english instructions behind

Magic Hydrating Mask..

Free mask

I bought this dress & neko top from

love it to max~~~~~~

lalalala Meow~

From somewhere in wisma b1...........bla bla bla..

Well..that's all!