Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reviews : Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Milky Color Lips

Went down to watsons yesterday to get some stuff. Super happy about it.

Not expecting new products while i was shopping there, first was their packaging that attracts me. Kinda cute to me, maybe some of you have seen it like few weeks ago, but i'm a very "home" person, so ya...staying at home during the hot sunny weather that might cooked your brains outside is good. (Nah..i am just kidding) It's so hot that i am having headaches nearly every single day!

Well first, look at the packaging

I love black x gold design lipstick case..its so pretty.

The colour i bought was 03.

01 was more to Nude Pink

02 Nude

03 Pink

04 Nude Orange

Look at the lip colour...

Pretty right?! There is no testers at their counters, but pictures of them wearing is available.

I'm just trying my luck thou, and it did not turn out like what they show.

Test on hand

Now on lips!

With flash~~

Looks too pale looking right?
Trust me! Blame it on the flash

It looks so much better without flash! Very natural looking.

My rates

Smoothness..when you first apply it, its gloss light looking just like a lip balm with a hint of pink.

Right after 2nd layer, it covers your original lip colour, lines and make it smooth looking.

Works like a lip concealer yet you can wear it out with or without any lipgloss on. I am born with dark lip colour and this product works so well on me.

Price is very reasonable as well, below SGD20.

Will i purchase this item again? My ans is yes.


  1. weee thank you sooo much!! i was still thinking whether to buy or not..
    but it looks so nice on you!! so i will buy it!!

    >.< u got sexy lips~ <3

  2. Buy~ Buy~ Its a awesome product!