Saturday, April 30, 2011

Collections : Eyemazing, Cosmagic, Candy Doll & some random stuff

Collected my stuff last sat from himeko.

Her spree ends super fast! All items arrived 2 weeks after her spree closed!

I'm trying out some of the stuff since all items are selling really cheap. Ya..

Eyemazing lashes~~ I'm a little disappointed because i thought the "line" will be transparent gives off a really natural effect.

Candy doll blush/highlighter. Really small and handy. I have not try it yet so can't say much about it.


Super awesome crystalish packaging! VERY shimmery...(i hate shimmery blushes) Have not try it yet..ya mouth zipped.

Look how cute it was...

Some instructions

Naturactor concealer~

One of my fav. concealer and this is our 2nd pot. 1 pot can seriously use for 2 years.

Wanting to get some show since there isn't much jap drama's online so bought 2 since its 2 for SGD35

Yeah! Another hostess drama~~~ *love it*

Needed black shorts badly so went straight down to bugis st to get one

But i bought this as well cause it was so nice!

okies, i'm ending this post with teddy's photo.

P.s : baby has stop eating for 1 day...Zzzzz

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