Sunday, May 1, 2011

For Sale : Melliesh BB Base

As you know...i just received this item last week like few days ago.

It's seriously too dark for my skin, well...unless i have blonde hair (cause i'm gonna dye my hair to chocolate brown) i don't mind using it. Too bad that i am changing my hair colour, so i have to sell it. If you're skin are close to that or would like to look more tan-nish, this product is good. Light coverage, non-drying/oily.

Tried twice on my hand, ones to explain why i am selling this.

Packaging is cute with yui is on the cover.

Back of it

The huge sponge is included, brand new un-touched.
Please don't mind the cesar lamb's JUST a box.

The colour

On my hand..

Able to tell where i apply it at right?

I'm selling this item at SGD35, kindly comment below if you are interested.


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