Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kate Crystallise Quartz Eyeshadow

Kanebo new release call crystallise quartz eyeshadows currently it is not available in singapore yet.

I've received mine today, in BR-2

I love the casing so much, those crystalish style..

A is silver-ish glitter, B is more light beige, then mid brown to dark brown.

On's alot darker in real person, but not on pictures.

I've got lots of kate products...maybe i should take pictures of them all \^o^/


I don't wanna hurt anyone's eyes when they read my blog so......heart for it. *cover* *cover*

He's kinda pissed off.....(his eyes : Outer ring : Gold, middle ring : grey, then black, he has totally lost his blue eyes)

Acting cute

Ending this post with his cutie face.

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