Thursday, April 14, 2011

- Sandra

I apologise to you here. Will mail out by tmr.

To those who bought items from me :

Kindly note that :

- Goods sold are not refundable

- If the item were delivered to you late/lost of mail, i shall not be responsible for it (stop telling me to refund you your payment in almost every email/pm)

- Why yes, those who are below 18, PLEASE ask your parents before you purchase any item from me.

Lastly, I DO NOT SERVE PRINCESSES! So don't act like one or you will be ignored.


  1. ah!! Its okay, I'm just glad you got back to my inquiry. Just hope you're feelin better and send it to me when you can.

    Btw when r u cosplayin alois? Cuz I'm also cosplaying him for cosfest!

  2. Hi,

    I'm cosing him on cosfest day 1~~
    I'll mail out tmr, will sms you once its done^^