Monday, April 11, 2011

Holika Holika Singapore


Went out to grab some Holika Holika items at orchard few days ago...

And why yes! I AM wearing a wig.

Muahahahaha~~ sorry for my camwhore~ Hope you did not puke XD

My head looks so BIG~

Okay no more bullshits! Er...bought all these in 15mins.

Red clay egg soap~ It's so cute!

I've used it and it is great!! Red clay soap are recommended for those who put on makeup almost everyday..It cleans your skin so skin is SO CLEAN yet it is soft & smooth!

But!! I find the eggs a little expensive. I don't mind spending more on DHC olive soap instead of this. SGD20 for 2 eggs...

Will i be re-purchasing it again? My ans is no.


Black caviar Essence...*cough*

Very expensive when you buy it in store, i highly recommend people pre-order it online, try their tester out first before ordering online. (Links to recommend on holika spree? Ask me thru email)

Anyway, this helps to reduce winkles.......why yes..i have winkles. Who don't?

Seriously, the bottle IS SO CUTE!! Some toner's bottle look just like potion!

Liquid BB Roller...........PLEASE!! THIS IS THE BEST BB LIQUID I HAVE EVER USED!! MUST GET THIS! Mid-coverage, smooth.....brighten up your skin, make your skin looks so perfect! Like doll! I hate bb cream cause they are so oily...but this is not! Must try this! MUST!

It works 100% better then lancome's Teint Miracle.

There is a extra sponge roller to replace. I hate the packaging.. -_-

V shape mask, I have lower baby fats on my face which makes me look kinda chubby/double chin..trying this out to see if it works. Their Plumping Heart's cream IS another must buy product! It firms & lift your face to make it more v-shape. Not when you used for 1 day and you'll be able to see the results but you can feel the lifting effect on your first use. You know that there is one famous v shape cream selling like hotcakes in singapore? never work. Don't waste your money on "that" product.

Before makeup sheet. I forgot what is the use of it...No english instructions behind

Magic Hydrating Mask..

Free mask

I bought this dress & neko top from

love it to max~~~~~~

lalalala Meow~

From somewhere in wisma b1...........bla bla bla..

Well..that's all!

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