Monday, April 25, 2011

Revolution / Everyday Isle of dogs / Mikki

As written, today's post will be stuff for dogs. Well...for teddy i mean.

The products i bought..some are from petlovers

Revolution for puppies below 2.5kg ..treatment prevention of flea for cats & dogs.

Aiya...i'm so lazy to type all just click the pictures below to view more information on this product & how it works.

I still prefer what jean used on teddy when he's bout 3months old. It works the same but the one she used smells SO GOOD~~~ This? er...a antiseptic-ish smell...

This products comes in 3 packs in a box, for 3 mths use. To be use once a month.

Freaking easy~~ Just push open a small part behind the back of their neck and apply.

Okays, teddy's fur is so~~~~~~~dry & hard like floor brush (those u scrub your toilet's floor) kidding. this products is not the best but it helps soften a little. I seriously NEEDS recommendations on dog's conditioners.

But i have to admit that this conditioner smells so good.

Yes, he bites!

When he starts attacking us (bite us) for no reason...we will let him wear muzzle for 15mins. Not more then that. Just training him letting him know that bitting is WRONG!

btw i have updated my selling blog:

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