Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fresh light x Geo Princess mimi sesame grey


I know it's a mess but don't blame me cause when i received was already damaged.

As in the parcel box not the items

Saw what i ordered? Yes, they are finally here..waited like 10 years for them to arrive. Postage has been really slow in singapore and it makes me wonder why.

Wee my geo princess mimi sesame grey is i'm waiting for chocolate brown to arrive.

Not sure was it because of me...(have been wearing 16.2mm lens lately) and these pair of lens looks more like 14.2mm instead of 15mm.

The case is BIG~~

Fresh Light!Love the colour but i've decided to sell this away cause i have changed my mind to dye chocolate brown.

Oh ya!! I bought this dress from sochii last friday before i collect teddy home at the hospital.

Love it!the colour was so baby pink~~~~ so soft~~

Look at the buttons....freaking sweet isn't it?

Haha...teddy's expressions looks so poor thing......

The kids are back..gotta stop blogging.

p.s : Not my

Byes~! *muacks*

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