Saturday, March 19, 2011

Diamond Lash x Diamond Blush (For your eyes only)

Yesterday i've received my parcel that were send by yukiko. My orders from Diamond-beauty.
Actually i am surpose to order it together with my golds infinity items but i left it out that day.
Okay, get to the point.
What did i ordered?
- 1 box upper lash
- 2 box lower lash
- diamond blush
and a free magazine from them.
The diamond blush was very well packed and designs is so pretty!
Back of the box
When i took it out...i almost screamed. It was SO freaking PRETTY!

Totally can't wait to try them out!

Bottom Lash

Bottom Lash

I've decided to take pictures of it and spend more time and effort to show it here.
Hope those who are reading my blog will enjoy this

well...that's all.
Hope you guys will enjoy it.
Off to ikea now...

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