Thursday, March 17, 2011

Golds Infinity

My order from golds infinity has finally arrived. It was delayed bout 4 days.
I'm not complaining about anything here. It's understandable.
Okay, teddy was curious about the stuff i ordered.
A copy of invoice from them.

I love this top alot. Cloth's texture was more like plastic-ish waterproof material.
*cough the zip is zip-able but you can't open (unzip) it.

Zoom on the inner layer (pink x black laces)

Zoom on the chocker........

2nd pcs........well..
Don't really like it kinda regret ordering this.

Zoom on the clip on pin

Oh yes, i've update my for sale page.
It's on the right side


  1. nnuuu I cant find your sales page I gotta go back ^^

    i want to order the same two tops but the second one in MINT color damn....

    kiss to your puppy!!!