Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well yes..i'm sick again
Fever, sore throat, flu......
Just went to doc and's nothing serious.
Drink more water~~~
Today, i bring teddy down for ear cleaning and get his nails cut.....
he bite one of the groomer......think he bleed or something.....
I was asked to help but then.......he knew they will be cleaning his ears so....
he bite me as well...and yes, i bleed.
Bought dollywink lashes from watsons, wanted to try them out cause i'm into a more natural makeup recently.
Silent hill shattered memories? well....i guess it's my memory card's problem....
When i removed the memory started loading...
Zoom on the lashes....i don't think i need to do any reviews on them.

Hakubi white C...the gel is free when i purchase the pills.

earrings~~~ love them.
I've seen shop selling them for bout SGD40++ and this was only SGD15

What's more did i purchase? Heehee it's geo princess mimi in grey.
waiting for apple green with degree to restock.

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