Thursday, March 31, 2011


Feeling freaking tired............Zzz didn't sleep well yesterday. Few days ago, i went to chapter2 for hair dye & protein treatments...

Thou the treatments are very expensive but it is so worth it. The area that i have bleached is so soft and smooth~~

But as for the colour, i'm going to get home dye to dye my hair again. This time will be chocolate brown. I need to dye back to darker tone in order to bleach my hair again.

Sorry for the blur photo

Wig and boots that i bought from bugis st. The boots are only $10!!! Should have bought the grey one too!

Super smooth wig~ Most of the time, when you wear a wig, your head normally looks slightly bigger but thiS!!!! Is so natural!! The best thing was, they can let you try it on, free washing/treatments for your wigs after you used for 4-5 times!

The colour i've choose was milk tea brown, black makes me looked so much like a doll which i don't want it to happen. I'm sick of people telling me that i look like a doll...when i'm working, shopping or whatever.

Yeah! My diamond lash is here!! Bought from a singapore seller~

Okays, am tired.



  1. Where did you buy the Diamond Lash?

  2. Are you living in singapore?

    Leave your email down and i'll email you the links.