Monday, April 4, 2011

Recent Buy


I'm so lazy to blog recently cause my space bar isn't working very well. If there is any words that sticks together, please pardon me. I'll read thru once before posting it up. I've tried my best!

I'll be posting more links and details on where i got them from, so everyone can get it if you are interested.

First few stuff~

They are :

- Viola Baby Pink Cardigan

- Melliesh Double eyelid sticker (DAY)

- Prisila Hair Wig Inspired clip on fringe (Short Fringe)

- Prisila Hair Wig Inspired clip on fringe (Long Fringe)

Details is below~

Details on the collar, with lots of pearls!

Was said to be from korea but who knows and they were having promotions.

I got this from Tampines1 B1 and i think far east has the same shop as well (lvl 1).

How was it? Do you like it?

The buttons were in the shape of sweet

A little more details on the designs.

Where did i get instocks clip on fringe yet in super good quality? Right here! Rosebelle

The colour for both is TMB (chocolate brown) and the style is below.

Pretty isn't it? If you were wondering why i did not post pictures of myself wearing it?

Haha! It's because...i'm planning to dye my hair again this friday but in a darker tone, ya brown.

Read below for details of my hair dyes.

Melliesh eyelid tape with mini pouch...........

Melliesh always never failed to surprise me, loved ALL melliesh products!

I'm not a fan of candydoll/dollywink cosmetics but am a fan of dollywink false lashes!

Am restocking my dollywink lashes this sat!

Oh! Almost forgot! I got this from

palty Natural brown, heehees...looking forward to it!

From watsons~

Majolica Majorca honey pump lipgloss in red.......

well it's not really in red, i always wears glosses after applying my holy grail ELF nude lipstick. 'cause my lips colour is very dark...i'm born to have dark lips...(cries)

Majolica's gloss always smells so tasty and fruity,brightens up my days whenever i'm wearing it.

From watsons.

Opps! why was it down here?!! Nevermind, its free with purchase of every palty hair dye.

It smells so much like my fav. D&G's No.3 :D

Cream type perfume

Lastly, kate released their new eyeshadow!!!!!!!!

As a crazy kate fan, ITS A MUST BUY!!!!!

I got it in BR-2, love love love their BR-2 colours.

Got it from

I'm rolling on my bed...super excited!

can't wait for it to arrive!

Did i type too much today? opps!!


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