Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yeah! My lens has arrived.

Well...I ordered these 2 pairs of ready stock lens from fallineyes.blogspot.com, she mail out last friday and today (tuesday) i've got them! That was fast, not to count days of weekends..since postman is having their off days.

Both from EOS, WBK-1 (Black) 14.8mm & J203 (i think)

Bought the black one cause miki was wearing black lenses and it look freaking awesome on her.

Brown candy lens was to replace my candy grey since i've pop open them 4-5 months ago,time to change...

Wee~~ can't wait to review on them! I'll get Geo Princess Mimi grey & brown done by this week. As for I.fairy,i'll review them all in one goal.

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