Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My buys from taobao.

I found one that they will be doing weekly spree, opens on monday..close on fri.

After they closed, you will received it within 2 week. Fast right?

This dress is from Liz Lisa, Bought the long sleeve version.

The first thing i saw this was....BUY!

Lol...the style is similar to golds infinity / Yumetenbo

One of my best buy from taobao this round! I get it in orange-pink.

Cute! Needs something like that..

Not sure why, but i love this top/dressish so much.

Am looking so forward to these stuff! I think i blog too much today...muahahahaha


  1. wow *o* the lizlisa dress are really cute!!
    the jersey of pink hearts that I have it in black! haha ^^

    x.o.x.o <3

  2. Yes, It's super cute.
    Lots of models from popteen has been wearing it, can't resist it XD

  3. Hi can i know which website is the taobao spree going on at? Thanks alot <3