Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ageha March Issue

Well, nothing to blog bout Chinese New Year or even pictures of myself dolling up...
I'm too lazy to dress up since my Grandma house is only a block away from mine...
And i don't even care about the angbaos
Well what's more important was..Ageha March Issue is out!
Sayaka was god damn pretty!
Even if you did not buy this issue, you wouldn't miss anything. Seriously!
Same makeup style, hairs....a little different was....
They added a few pages of diy stuff you could do.

and........some fakelahes tips
Nothing much right? anyone has any idea where i could find this bag that sakurina was carrying?

Saw dust with a angbao in her cage....


Are you looking at me??
*i'll be blogging on contact lens like Pop.c, Dollyeyes, Queenie, Geo's Bambi eyes & I.fairy.
Bye now!

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