Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's been so long since i last saw fion (Yui from cmk)
As usual, after her work we meet at bugis and went to goldenmile for some thaifood.
Shit!! I forgot how you say milk tea in thai!!
First of all, my skin has becoming better. All thanks to E.Magic.
Currently i need a good makeup base for dry skin like mine.
Wee..i'm wearing my leopard print skull top with my super glittering belt.

and yes, i love my hair extensions.

Haha fion trying to cover her tummy...(lol)
Things has been going smoothly for her..i'm glad.
Heard that there is some fights/back stab stuff going on and on......
Hey! it's seriously stupid and childish! Grow up girls.
If you did anything bad, Hell will always reserve a sit/space for you. Trust me! i care

I'm into sayaka's eye makeup and has been trying to get her lashes.
And again..i love my i.fairy cherry gold lens!


So cute~~~~~

I'll blog bout universal studio soon!

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