Monday, January 24, 2011

Received 2 mails today~~
1 was teddy's dog tag

2ndly...........ageha's clothing~~~

From Garder la foi

Webbies :

Lalala~~ Covered my address

Back~ lol

First dress! The quality was alot better than i've expected. Well, i have ordered alot of stuff from japan but that does not mean the quality is good. In Garder la foi, their clothings were shipped directly from japan and all items are ready stocks! Guess what? Their price is freaking awesome too. I'm sure you'll get more then 1 once you click it.

Woohoo...I'm not telling you where i'll be wearing this dress to..(lol like you care)

Zoom in the ribbons

Cute right?

2nd! Purple-ish 1 pc looks like 2 pcs isn't it? Haha
All material (cloth) are so cooling~~~~ Suitable to wear in hot country like singapore.

Details again

Awesome dresses! Shall order more once they have new stocks.

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