Friday, October 22, 2010

New banner x books x coffee

I'm a night cat, normally i sleeps at 5am when my sis is about to get up and get ready for work.
Waking up at 10am is totally a killer!!! Even a cup of coffee couldn't wake me up.....My brain is not working at all.......

Can't help it but i love this cup so much! It's True Blood (Good to the last taste) Bloody looking
I've been cleaning up my house, keeping a corner just to store my pets. Clearing here and there......
Anyone wants free comics? lols I got lots of them to throw. Clearing up rooms too........Will be getting a new tv and drawers for our room.
Busy week isn't it? Well...just take it as im doing excercise. Still wondering how's pico is doing.
Well, so far, she only sold pico & a beige chihuahua. There's still 3 black chihuahua (2 short, 1 long coat)
Gotta get pico's licence & microchip done when he reach bout 3 months old, and have check with vet when he gets his first vaccine done.
Feels so tired, gotta meet my sis after this......lols dragging myself to orchard T^T

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