Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well....i'm so excited....
Not only pico is coming (2 days more, and i might change his name to poppy), my katanas and wig are here~~~
Starting to feel busy~~~~
Look!! I've note down in my schedule book of pico's date of birth, days/weeks old.........
Month of feedings (change from 4 times a day to 3 and 2)
When pico is here........his food and time table gonna be....
first meal @ 7am
Second @ 12noon
3rd @ 6pm
4th @ 10pm
Got to brush his teeth after each and every single meal~~~ Well....his food will be kinda special for few mths old puppies.. Puppy milk adding with puppy palettes (lols)
Plus!! Poo training~~
First vaccine will be next thursday~~
Not only vaccine, i'll also get him de-wormed and microchipped.
I'll apply for his licence when he went for 2nd vaccine.

And then after that!! I can relax~

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