Monday, December 27, 2010


Items that yukiko helped me won in aunction.
Ma*rs 薔薇 x 豹
8000円 + Yukiko's commission 1200円
= 9200円 (SGD144.50)
Don't get shock with the price, its worth it cause i've been eyeing it since steph bought it in japan..lols
1400円 + Yukiko's Commission 800円
= 2200円 (SGD34.55)

Prisila Half Wig
3500円 + Yukiko's Commission 800円
= 4300円 (SGD67.50)

I think this is the most expensive item here...
Ma*rs Neko Jacket
10000円 + Yukiko's Commission 1200円
= 11200円 (SGD175.90)

Roughly spend 500 here........i should stop.

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  1. WOW yes it's a little expensive but all the clothes are very kawaii & beautiful >_____<!!!!!!