Monday, December 27, 2010

tutuHA x mac

Bought a damn cool dress from osmos quite some times ago but because it's oos so i'll have to wait till they restock. Now! here it is^^ (actually i collected it last friday)
I love the style of this dress, its very thin, light and cooling!! If you looked closely, there is actually designs on it..laces x snake.

It's a 2 piece dress, another was inner dress

Besides getting my top, i went in to montip to get some flower clips and guess what??!! I saw this!!!! SGD22.90 so i bought only one cause i've already ordered a grey one like last thursday?

Another side of the tail...........more greyish

Heard lots of good reviews on this product from mac...

Studio fix powder x fix plus...well maybe not as great as they said.

And i have changed to iphone4...hate it!

Went out to collect tutuHA's dress top that i bought from steph...nice right?


I've changed to another makeup style....was it better then before?

Top Lash : No2 Jewerich
Bottom : Gracia x dolly wink

I wonder why my face always has like baby fat in the real like its like.......skinny face with double chin O.o;; (Ignore the circle laces hanging there)

Well..that's all

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