Friday, December 31, 2010

3RD Birthday Arrived

Hey i know, by right i should be damn happy and excited playing this game but i'm not!
It's not the game's fault itself but it's my psp that can't log this game!! WTF?!
While it was loading, it load freaking slow then it auto switch off!
I think i'll better feedback to them.
The box front cover in mirror-ish effect

Open up! Nice pose aya!~
What's with the torn pants ?

What's included.....

Saw my fav eve?

I wonder why they gave this card...........

My mood has fall to -100 now...


  1. Hahahaha relac.

    I seriously think is your firmware. I think need to upgrade. If tomorrow you meet, you bring it out? Try on my psp see can work or not.

  2. Yap, will let them check. T^T