Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Legend Of Heroes / Kate / Canmake

I can't take my hands off my psp now.........
Didn't expect Legends of Heroes to be so much fun...
And while i was shopping yesterday, i saw Legends of heroes III
i scream it a happy voice : I want this!!
I've asked him whether he is selling Silent Hill and he said no..not a famous game in singapore.
but i love it so much! Its fun, a little scary...and easy game to play.
The shop owners eyes was like saying : Girls don't really play RPG games or scary games like silent hill....O.o;;;
I bought a new eyeshadow by kate (again..I've got more than 10 kate items. see! i love kate so much) Saw sayaka using happily in ageha march issue so i decided to try them out.

and a super long bottom lash...its very natural..really!
Current love anime : Legend of Legendary Heroes............(! It's not related to the game above)
Shall continue with my games & animes!

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