Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reviews : Super Queenie 17.2mm Green/Red

I ordered 2 pairs of Super Queenie Contact Lens from on 28 oct 2010 and the spree ends on 14 december.. was stated in her blogspot that lens will arrive within 3-4 weeks and 1-2 weeks for me to receive them. So by right i should have receive the lens either on 21 or 28 Jan 2011 but i received it on 3rd Feb 2011. It takes so long~~
The price for 1 pair of queenie lens cost SGD22 or SGD21.50 for 2 pairs and above.

First, let's look at the packaging..

It's actually quite dangerous for them to place glass contact lens bottle in fat tube like this without bubble wraps to protect it. The tube box is not pretty anyway.

Bottom :

Bottles : Its so hard to open them...was 2times harder then normal lens

Super Queenie Green 17.2mm

Super Queenie Red 17.2mm

To prove it!

Sometimes by looking, you wouldn't know whether if the lens was 17.2mm (example) or not so!
Let's measure it.

For the green one...obviously when i compare both besides each looks lot bigger.
No QC i guess...Booo for that
Real size for this is : 15mm (Boooo)
Colour : 1/5 (You'll see a hint of green under sunlights but indoor......its super dark green)
Comfort Level : 0/5 (It's so painful and super dry on eyes. Lens itself is super thin and so hard to put it in)
Enlargement Effect : 0/5

Now it's time for red!
Real Size : 17mm
Colour : 2/5 More Pinkish Purple in Real Life then red
Comfort Level : 0/5 (Same Brand Same Reason...Read Above)
Enlargement Effect : 1/5

In my eyes :

(Picture taken while i'm facing my windows)
Very light hint of green..

I close up on red more...more purple right?

I highly recomend people NOT to get Super Queenie lens.
Poor quality, painful, no enlargement effect AT ALL.

Don't waste your money on this.

P.s : Top Lashes - Diamond Lash x Jewerich Number 2 , Bottom - Diamond Lash


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  1. uh thanks!!! i was up to buy this cuz I love the NEO GLAMOUR pattern!!!!