Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Year 2007 - 2011 (Feb) of Me

2007 when I started working in cosafe maid cafe (right)

2007 - Kesalan Patharan Cosmetics (Japan) with Fion. I became rounder when i worked there.. eat, sit, sleep & shop (I'm not working at all :x)

2009 When i attend jennifer's wedding dinner and i spill orange soda on myself.

Still 2009, trying on my wig with Magic To Love perfume bottle

2010 photo taken right after i've pierced my eyebrows. After i quit A87.
Lady boss has been spreading bad rumours (she came up with her fake stories and make herself sounds like an angel) about me & yume. I don't care if she is reading this. Bitch!

Dyed my hair black cause....i looked too ah lian-ish

2010 November - dye white blonde

Wig from japan arrived~~ Trying them on..

er...and now..

Became ugly................so sad...

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