Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I.fairy Pearl Black Review

As promised, here's my review on i.fairy pearl black lens.

The design is simple, just plain thick black round rings.

The dia is 16.2mm which is huge...but black gives off a alien like huge black eyes.

As for me, i love how the effect gives off...those innocent puppy like eyes.

As below, i'm wearing it..

My answer : Yes, as what they have stated, its 16.2mm, effect is good...very enlarging effect.

But! Whenever i look up or'll be able to see the black lens covering some of your view..which is...duh!

I would say...big no no for this pair of lens. Totally a waste of money.

And received a gift from a friend i just know recently...

Love it to max...

Hope you guys like my review..

Love Miki

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